Consorsbank construction financing in the test – your experiences & opinions count

Consorsbank is a French bank and operates as part of BNP Paribas. From its headquarters in Paris, the customer business is managed in France, Spain and also in Germany. The direct bank specializes in private customers and offers primarily a wide range of products in the areas of investment and trading. At the same time classical financial topics, like account management, savings and credits belong also to the Portfolio of the offerer. Also in the program is a construction financing, which is intended to provide the best possible offer for the customer.

Consorsbank construction financing in the test - your experiences & opinions count

Consorsbank mortgage: these services await you

  • Cooperation with Interhyp – more than 300 banks in comparison
  • Favorable interest rates – average interest rates around 1.50%
  • Can be combined with KfW loans
  • Personal advice – by phone or on site (75 branches)

The construction financing is offered to customers at Consorsbank as one of the offers on the website. However, it is interesting for you to know that the direct bank itself is not available as a financier for the purchase or construction of a property. Instead, everything is handled through the partner Interhyp. Interhyp is a credit broker that specializes exclusively in real estate financing within Germany. The experts from Interhyp are then on the road on behalf of Consorsbank to find the right offer for your needs. About 300 different providers are compared with each other and it is checked where the best conditions are offered.

Your advantages: Arranging a real estate loan through a bank can always be advantageous if you want to avoid having to obtain a large number of different offers yourself. This is taken over here directly for you.

Your disadvantages: Consorsbank will search for suitable financing using your details. However, you have no influence on which providers are requested. The bank will then present you with one or more offers from which you can choose or reject completely. You are not entitled to a comparison of your preferred providers.

The Consorsbank construction financing: Conditions in check

Due to the use of an intermediary for real estate offers as well as the comparison of different mortgage lenders, Consorsbank cannot provide any direct conditions. If you are looking for a current interest rate that you can count on for construction financing, a personal interest calculator is available to you. With this interest calculator you can get a first overview. However, the construction financing calculator of Consorsbank is kept very comprehensive. Already for a first overview you need to have different data ready.

We have simply fed the calculator once with a few sample data and a financing offer for a property with a value of 250.000 euros obtained. As financing amount 200.000 euros specified. The debit interest rate lock-in is limited to 10 years, and the repayment rate is 2%. Our result is a monthly rate of about 650 euros at an effective annual interest rate of currently 1.9%. Directly after the calculation, you can also request a quote based on the data entered. However, the results from the calculator are completely non-binding and are for guidance only.

Our conclusion on the conditions of Consorsbank construction financing

If you're looking for a partner to help you put together your own construction financing, you can't go far wrong with Consorsbank. The partner Interhyp has a good reputation as a real estate loan broker. In addition, you will not enter into a binding funding agreement until you agree to one of the offers. Additional costs for the mediation do not arise.

Are you convinced of the conditions of the Consorsbank construction financing or do you have another tip for a favorable and effective construction financing?? Share your opinion with us by rating the Consorsbank mortgage here on Qomparo free of charge and without obligation!

With the construction financing of Consorsbank you get an overview of the different conditions of different providers. The finance company searches for a suitable provider according to your specifications.

The customer service for construction financing at Consorsbank

Worthwhile for the customer is always a look at the service that a bank has to offer in construction financing. Especially with real estate, where the decision for or against a purchase must be made quickly, it is important to be able to receive a financing commitment quite quickly. Since Consorsbank handles the construction financing through Interhyp, the service of Interhyp is to be considered in focus. The real estate loan broker offers a telephone consultation or even personal consultation. The appointment can be made via the Internet.

Step by step to financing

If you want to apply for financing directly, you can fill out the application online, print it out and send it to Consorsbank with the specified documents. The Interhyp financial advisor will then contact you. In a personal meeting, it is once again to define as precisely as possible, how you imagine the financing. What framework options for the load are possible? Should it be a variable, a fixed or a mixed interest rate? What is the value of the house, what will it be used for? These questions come up before the bank starts looking for suitable financing. The faster you can answer the questions, the faster an offer is also available. On average, Interhyp states that it can present a financing solution within a few days.

Based on this offer, you can decide whether you agree with the conditions and want to take advantage of the financing. With the customer's signature, the contract then goes to the financier, who instructs the payment of the amount. The advantage of this is that the financier could already check your documents and decide on a commitment. This must then no longer be waited for separately.

Our conclusion about the service of Consorsbank construction financing

The conditions and service at Consorsbank are classic for a bank that only brokers real estate financing but does not offer it itself. Fixed details and commitments can not be made in the first step. By filling out an application and sending in the required documents, the customer then lays the foundation for the request. The employees of Interhyp contact you relatively quickly, so that you already have an initial response within a short time.

Are you satisfied with the conditions of the Consorsbank mortgage?? Let us share your opinion and rate the conditions now on Qomparo.

The service of Consorsbank in connection with Interhyp on the subject of construction financing is characterized by a fast and uncomplicated response to your request. Contact is usually made within a short time.

Flexibility and loan decision at Consorsbank in view

With a real estate financing you want to be as flexible as possible and pay off the high amount earlier if necessary. In general, the general conditions for a financing are an important point that should not be ignored. Basically, the intermediary Interhyp presents itself as very flexible and offers this flexibility of course also to the customers. The goal is to work together step by step to find funding that fits you. Here the focus is on the financing period. Keep in mind possible career changes or adjustments in your private life. Already with the help of the interest calculator you can get a first overview of how great the flexibility really is.

Here the special repayment is indicated as possibility. It takes effect at the earliest 12 months after the sum has been paid in full and is between 1.000 and 10.000 euros. However, this may vary depending on the amount of financing and will then be contractually specified in detail.

7 steps to financing

The basic process for a mortgage through Consorsbank with Interhyp is always the same. A first consultation is already recommended, if the correct real estate is not yet at all found. Here is where the client can already get an overview of the options available to them. In addition, the option is granted to already prepare the application and documentation to such an extent.

If then the real estate is found, the comparison of the offers of approximately 300 offerers begins. Here the financial adviser takes care of it. As mentioned, the disadvantage for you may be that you have no influence on the banks that are requested. The advantage, on the other hand, is the time saved. If suitable offers are found, it is possible to talk again about optimizing the conditions. It is advisable to take some time to check the general conditions and see if your own wishes have been taken into account.

According to Interhyp, the loan decision and disbursement takes a period of a few days. After a review of the documents, the customer will be notified whether the application is accepted and when the payment of the amount can take place.

Our conclusion to the Consorsbank construction financing

The overall view of the Consorsbank mortgage makes it clear that you, as a customer, have a financing partner from Interhyp at your side, who will look for a suitable loan option for you and consider several providers for this purpose. Which conditions you would like to take advantage of can be determined in a preliminary discussion. The influence on the search itself of you is small. In return, you will receive offers tailored to your wishes directly from the financing partner and can decide for or against it. Who is ready to give the responsibility out of the hand and to let plan the financing, which is well served with Consorsbank.

The advantage of construction financing via Consorsbank lies primarily in the fact that the company cooperates with Interhyp and thus different providers can be compared independently.

Contribute your own opinion on the construction financing of Consorsbank and let other customers share your experience with your rating on Qomparo.

At present the conclusion of a current account with the Consorsbank bank is connected with a credit of 50 euro with provable salary entrance. Customers can also receive credits of 10 cents for payments made with their EC card.

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