Ribery tempted to later move to the usa or emirates

Ribery tempted to later move to the usa or emirates

"I would be tempted to go to a country like the USA or even the emirates again. But that I was already not paid to my actual career," said the 30-year-old french national player the "kicker".

Last summer, ribery extended his contract with munich until 2017 and reaffirmed his commitment to the german record champion: "there is no other club for me in europe." a change to another part of the earth was "simply a bonus".

Ribery hopes for another award in january after being honored as europe's fubball player of the year and best player at the club world cup. "If you see the whole year, maybe i did deserve the title of world fubballer," said the rival of lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo.

Jupp heynckes also considered ribery a worthy winner. "He is the best player of 2013," stressed his former coach. "Franck has developed fantastically over the last two years, becoming an absolute top professional."

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