Tracing that gets under the skin

It's actually a bit ironic when the bavarian state ministry of justice writes: "with our crime evenings, we want to make it clear: living in bavaria means living safely." that is certainly true. And to celebrate, the ministry has invited a man who came into the game, when it was not safe enough, the beautiful jubilaums-bavaria: prof. Wolfgang eisenmenger.

Eisenmenger worked as a forensic physician from 1972 to 2009, is today chairman of the ethics committee of the medical faculty of the ludwig-maximilian-university of munich, and is considered one of the most renowned representatives of his discipline. Thorsten otto, presenter, known from bayern 3, comes directly to the black: "the 25,000 corpses that they have dissected …!"

Fortunately, this wolfgang eisenmenger is not only a great pathologist and expert, but also an entertainer who can wrest many funny sides from his bloody trade. It may have been necessary to learn such a way of dealing with others. Many of the problems that preoccupied him were unloaded on his wife in the evening. "It has not yet left me."

Otto immediately asks about one of the most prominent cases on the professor's table: franz josef straub. Whereby: the deceased minister-president never came on the dissecting table. Because reporters were swarming outside the hospital door, straub had to be opened on the operating table.
The task in such a case would be the same as always. "But one spurs the glances of the others", says eisenmenger. When he then had straub's heart in his hands, he held it up to his doctor's eyes: the heart disease, which had been ignored for many years, was evident.

During his training, he never thought it was possible for him to talk about dissecting corpses in such a sophisticated way today. During an operation eisenmenger became sick. He believed that he could not see blood flowing, and he wanted to become a country doctor for sure. "I was actually a sensitive little plant", he says. "One gets used to everything."

Otto and eisenmenger together manage to build a conversation that contains the obligatory anecdotes and the career and hard facts of the expert: capital crimes in bavaria have decreased significantly, the clear-up rate is almost 100 percent.

Sometimes it just takes a little longer: the case of the floater from the ammersee comes to mind. Due to flooding, the statue came back to the surface despite concrete weights. A friend of the dead was a diver, but his suit was brand new. "The local police said: he is a swob, he must have used the old suit." in fact, the murderer had paid for the suit he was wearing when he took his victim away. Under the belt: water from the ammersee lake.

A thieving joy plays around the corners of wolfgang eisenmenger's mouth when he tells such stories. "Everyone makes a mistake", he says "and finding them is quite a challenge." over the years, he has contributed to solving countless prominent and less prominent criminal cases. Eisenmenger lost his sense of smell about 20 years ago, an occupational hazard.

Not everything is already in the pathology: "when a corpse is found in the forest in summer. The hustle and bustle … That has never given me pleasure. But the animals can do nothing about it."

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