Banco santander – one of the largest banks in the world

Banco santander - one of the largest banks in the world

Banco Santander is a banking group headquartered in Spain. It is a private bank, which is at the same time for numerous business customers a reliable partner in the financing area. In terms of market capitalization, it is the largest bank in the eurozone. It's no wonder, because the financial institution was founded as early as 1857. It is also noteworthy that more than 140 million customers are loyal to the financial giant. Around the world there are more than 13.500 branches.

As the largest financial group in Spain and Latin America, Banco Santander is a leader in the UK, Portugal, Germany, Poland and the USA.

Now it is not just any bank, but a whole financial group, which maintains some subsidiaries. For example, Santander Consumer Finance, which includes the branches in Germany, is very active in the lending business.

Santander Germany as a subsidiary of the big bank

Santander Germany grants many loans for consumer goods, but also for cars. And that's not all, because the Spanish bank finances all mobility options.

Santander Germany is based in Monchengladbach and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Banco Santander.

The offer of this successful bank includes all banking products that we are used to from banks. These include the classic current accounts, the Santander Visa Card (1plus Visa Card), the securities business and mortgage loans. A not inconsiderable area, as already mentioned, is the credit sector.

For many years, Santander Germany has been a reliable partner for car dealerships, as many customers have financed their car purchase through the Banco Santander subsidiary. Other consumer goods offered in mail-order stores and also in furniture stores were also advanced through the bank. This has the advantage that the convenient installments are debited monthly from the current account. In addition to consumer products, the bank is also available to customers as a reliable partner for construction financing. Although the Santander BestCard Classic Card is offered free of charge, the card balance can be optionally paid off in convenient monthly installments. In addition it should be said, however, that the interest rates are very high.

If it is not possible to clear the card balance in one go, please refer to the Santander BestCredit. This kind of the financing represents the substantially more favorable variant and can compete quite on the market.

Banco Santander on the German market

The German offshoot of Banco Santander, Santander Consumer Bank AG, has 210 branches in Germany alone. Nevertheless all bank services are offered as telephone Banking or the usual on-line Banking. It is quite easy to withdraw money at the ATM with a current account of Santander Bank. Due to the affiliation to the CashPool, the system, which is connected to more than 3.200 ATMs possible. This 3.200 cash dispensers in Germany alone. The major representatives, who are also members of the CashPool, include z.b. Degussa Bank, Sparda Banken and Targobank. However, Santander Germany's ATMs should be kept in mind, because that alone should be enough to provide cash free of charge in most places. This is also useful for customers of the Openbank current account.

Many purchases can be conveniently made using a Girocard or credit card.

Is the money safe with Banco Santander?

Anyone who maintains an account with a German bank, whether as a checking account, a call money account or another savings account, does not need to worry about security. German banks are subject to the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks. Now Banco Santander is a Spanish bank, how does it look there??

Spain also has a deposit insurance fund. However, this is not interesting for customers of Santander Germany, because it is the German version of the major bank. This means that the deposits are also protected by the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks. This is valid up to a sum of 100.000 euros.

Which Banco Santander offers are worth an interested look?

The offers of Banco Santander are varied and exciting. Some components of the large portfolio have already been mentioned. The free current account, of which there are three variants, should certainly be mentioned. On the one hand the BestGiro, the 123 Giro and the student account. All three accounts are free of charge, although for the 123 current account this starts at a monthly cash inflow of 1.200 euros is the case. With all three accounts you make real-time transfers. In contrast to the savings banks, real-time transfers are available to you free of charge. The Santander 123Giro is particularly exciting. Because besides the fact that it is available from a monthly receipt of 1.200 euros is free of charge, you can even earn money with it. Month after month and year after year, the cashback flows into your current account.

The BestCredit offers, as well as the installment loan of Targobank, an installment break. You can legally apply for this and suspend payment for a month. In the meantime, the credit business has recognized that a payment break brings more flexibility. This is a good option if the washing machine goes on strike, or even if a major vacation trip is on the agenda. This is good for your vacation funds.

While we're on the subject of vacation cashback: With the popular Santander BestCard Classic Card, refueling brings you cash into your account. After all, the sales at the gas pump bring 1% cashback.

Openbank – An online bank with branch advantages

Really great is the offer of another subsidiary of Banco Santander. Openbank is a digital bank, which is also based in Spain. Super is that the free current account is available to you on the German market and the customer service is available via a German telephone number. Accordingly, you don't have to communicate in Spanish, but in German.

This special cooperation is possible because Banco Santander is also located in the financial center of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. With Openbank, Santander Group has succeeded in conquering a market that not only demands an easy-to-use and free current account, but also promises numerous travel advantages. Interesting is the possibility to withdraw cash with the Mastercard. This is possible free of charge at all Santander bank ATMs worldwide. In addition, with the travel benefits you can also withdraw cash free of charge 5 times a month at all other ATMs. In addition, the Openbank call money account offers relatively high interest rates.

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