Spicy nude scenes: penelope cruz said no

Spicy nude scenes: penelope cruz said no

Spanish actress penelope cruz (44) says she got a lot of strength from saying no to a role offer.

She was "barely 20" when she was offered a rough film in hollywood. At a meeting in los angeles, however, she was presented with completely new documents, "with a few extremely spicy nude scenes that were not in the script," as she told the magazine "madame".

She confronted the producers and the director. "They put pressure on me not to act like that."But she did not let herself be intimidated. "Never will i forget the great feeling of sitting on the plane to madrid after that meeting and having my was preserved."She looked out the window at the lights of los angeles and knew that she would be proud of this decision for the rest of her life. "This competition has given me a lot of strength and self-confidence."

In her new film "open secret" penelope cruz plays alongside her husband javier bardem a mother whose teenage daughter is kidnapped.

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