First and foremost, the age, condition and location of a property play the biggest role in its value. If you want to get information about the realistic selling price, you can, for example, look at the market value of comparable properties. If a rental is intended, the rent index of the relevant municipality helps or. of the residential district further. In addition to renovation and refurbishment, there are several ways to increase value. For this we have some tips ready below.

Printing on glass

Glass prints are on the rise, and there are virtually no limits to the choice of motifs. Countless patterns, decors and ornaments turn simple glass surfaces into individual, extraordinary pieces of jewelry. If, for example, boring tiles in the kitchen are replaced by a printed, glass rear wall, an atmospheric ambience is guaranteed. In addition, shower enclosures, glass doors and partitions of any kind represent unique furnishing features through the enrichment with colors or printed motifs.

The alarm clock rings very early – he would not need, because we are already awake anyway – the suitcases are packed and ready and are only pushed into the first streetcar. It is 5:34 am when we get on the train and drive to the station.

North caroliner, usa, 2016

Consorsbank is a French bank and operates as part of BNP Paribas. From its headquarters in Paris, the customer business is managed in France, Spain and also in Germany. The direct bank specializes in private customers and offers primarily a wide range of products in the areas of investment and trading. At the same time classical financial topics, like account management, savings and credits belong also to the Portfolio of the offerer. Also in the program is a construction financing, which is intended to provide the best possible offer for the customer.

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