The first Care Strengthening Act (Pflegestarkungsgesetz) will, among other things, increase the benefit amounts for the individual benefits of the social care insurance as of 01.01.2015 raised. This will also increase the benefit amounts for the care benefits in kind.

The care benefit in kind is granted to insured persons in the home who have the care provided by a care provider of the long-term care insurance fund. The care takes place in these cases thus by social stations and/or. outpatient care services.

Practice in crisis mode: skilfully managing imminent imbalances

Corona crisis, personnel crisis, energy crisis: one challenge follows the next. And sometimes all you want to do is crawl away: hear no more, see no more, participate no more.

Experiences abroad are very enriching and allow expats to grow not only professionally but also personally, build bridges and acquire the deeper understanding of a foreign culture. If everything is well prepared, an intercultural experience of this kind is highly recommended.

Expats: health and well-being abroad

The increasing interconnectedness of our modern society means that more and more people are working abroad for shorter or longer periods of time. A 2021 study cites Taiwan, Mexico and Costa Rica as particularly good places to live for expats venturing abroad for work reasons.

In one of the oldest democracies of the world politics is made completely in the sense of its wealthiest citizens. How super-rich U.S. citizens are imposing their political agenda on the country

In January 2015, brothers Charles and David Koch announced plans to donate nearly $900 million, the equivalent of about 760 million euros, to the 2016 U.S. election campaign: a small cash infusion for Republican Party candidates. But for all their generosity, the Koch brothers are not fans of the Republican Party. On American television, older brother Charles defined his relationship with the party as follows: "The way I see it, the Democrats are going over the financial cliff at 160 into a broken society, the Republicans are only going 110."

"Democrats are going over the financial cliff into a broken society at 160, Republicans are only going 110"

The Kochs' political ideas can also be summed up like this: The state should stay out of it. They don't think much of universal health insurance or a minimum wage, they want less taxes and no environmental regulations – because they only disrupt their business. The brothers from Kansas own Koch Industries, the second largest privately held company in the U.S. The group includes chemical plants and cattle farms, oil refineries and thousands of kilometers of pipelines; about 120.000 employees produce a myriad of products from asphalt to fertilizer to toilet paper.

Now is the time to gather the documents for the tax return. An important document for retirees is the pension statement from the German Pension Insurance Fund (Deutsche Rentenversicherung). How do pensioners get their tax assessment?

Normally the German pension insurance sends out the so-called "Rentenbezugsmitteilung" already in the middle of January. However, this year that seems to be delayed. If it has not yet arrived in your mailbox, it is best to request it online or by telephone – at certificate. It is also possible by telephone at 0800 1000 48000. The caller is thereby referred to the Internet address. In return, there is a notice that the data no longer have to be entered in the tax return, as they are automatically transmitted to the tax authorities.

It is not always possible to find a medical cause for physical complaints. For example, many people have pain, digestive problems, or circulatory problems for which the cause is unclear. If the complaints persist, it is important to reconsider how you deal with stresses and conflicts.

At a glance

  • Some people have persistent physical complaints for which doctors cannot find a cause.
  • Complaints of unknown cause can be disconcerting – but they often disappear on their own after a few weeks.
  • If no physical cause is found, this does not mean that the complaints have no cause.
  • It is estimated that around 10 percent of the population have complaints whose causes cannot be clearly determined.
  • Severe psychological strain and stress can be the result if such complaints persist permanently.

Note: The information in this article cannot and is not intended to replace a doctor's visit and should not be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.

Transport insurance - protection for your move

Despite all caution, furniture, television or other household items can be damaged during the move. In this article, you'll learn how to protect yourself with transportation insurance, when coverage kicks in, and whether you need the policy even if you're moving with a moving company.

What does a transport insurance cover?

Basically, your movable property is covered by homeowner's insurance. But this only applies in the old home or at the new place of residence. During transportation you need special coverage. Transport insurance covers damage that occurs during transport and for which the policyholder is not personally responsible. Possible loss events include, for example, a traffic accident, a lightning strike or even theft.

Here's when you can expect your no-claims bonus to expire. If you don't own a car for a long time, of course you don't need car insurance anymore. Then there is the question of what happens to the no-claims bonus after the insurance ends. In the following we will get to the bottom of the question how long it takes for the no-claims bonus to expire.

Interruption of less than six months has no effect

With a high no-claims bonus, your car insurance becomes noticeably cheaper. However, you have to have been on the road for a long time without an accident before you can achieve a high no-claims bonus. But what if you don't need the car insurance for a while and let the policy expire. Then, of course, it would be extremely annoying to lose your no-claims bonus immediately. Finally, it may be that one wants to take out car insurance again later and then use the discount again.

Take out occupational disability insurance despite osteoarthritis: this is how it works!

Osteoarthritis and other joint conditions can be a reason for occupational disability. Especially in the advanced stages, swelling, pain and restrictions due to reduced mobility and lack of strength can mean that occupational activities can only be performed to a reduced extent or not at all.

Many people with osteoarthritis disease and a concluded occupational disability insurance are in the situation that the occupational disability should be recognized in the next step, because the "benefit case" has occurred.

Private health insurance - rates for doctors

For doctors and medical students, the switch to private health insurance is worthwhile

Attention doctors, dentists or medical students! The private insurance companies usually have particularly favorable medical rates up their sleeves for medical professionals. This means: You receive private health care at a preferential price (up to 30% savings potential). Physicians in particular know that there are differences in benefits between public and private health insurance plans. In the following, you can find out in detail why a switch to private health insurance is particularly worthwhile for your occupational group.