Thomas unger is now elected chairman of the upper franconian district

Thomas unger is now elected chairman of the Upper Franconian district

Thomas unger remains upper franconian district chairman of the bavarian football association (BFV) for the next four years. In january, the BFV board appointed konradsreuth as the successor to karlheinz bram, who had resigned – now the delegates of the district parliament have also placed their trust in unger. The vote in the fichtelgebirgshalle in wunsiedel was unanimous – also because there was no combat vote.

Of 176 delegates, 156 voted for unger, two against. In addition, 18 voters abstained. "I am satisfied with the course of the district council and my result", said unger. "Now we have to do everything together that will bring the district forward." into the "common he also involved manfred neumeister. The chairman of the bamberg/bayreuth district had emphasized several times in advance that it was an option for him to run against unger in the election. But shortly before the district assembly and after several hours of talks with unger in recent weeks, neumeister decided against running for office. "It became clear that running for office would have been the wrong signal", says neumeister. "The big loser would have been fubball in upper franconia." hollfeld also sees his non-candidacy as a vote of confidence. "We now have to live together in the district."

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