Tips for finding a job in australia

The job hunt can get on your last nerve, in Australia as well as in Germany. Especially if you don't know exactly how to apply and where to find potential employers. The slowly but steadily decreasing bank balance certainly does not help to make the situation more bearable, because you don't want to have to fly back home because of money shortage. To help you out of a tight spot, here are a few tips for finding a job in Australia.

1) Job agencies

In Australia there are countless job agencies that can find jobs in a wide variety of fields. Everything from cleaning positions to jobs in the mine are offered here and look for suitable applicants.

The Gold Coast in Australia: Some love it, some hate it – and yes, we don't quite agree on what to think of it either.

On the one hand, the miles of sandy beaches left us speechless, on the other hand, we found the huge skyline on the beach a bit too much of a good thing. Nevertheless we had a really great time on the Gold Coast.

G olf courses directly by the sea, miles of sandy beaches, historic city centers and all kinds of diverse leisure activities make this golf trip unforgettable. In South Carolina, you will experience golf and lodging at the highest level for 14 days! You visit with your rental car the places Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Kiawah Island and Hilton Head Island, where you relax in first-class accommodations and have time to explore the cities besides the excellent golfing. Let yourself be enchanted by the flair of the southern states.


Day 1: Arrival Charleston
Welcome to South Carolina! After picking up your rental car, you drive to your hotel, a few steps away from the old city center. In the picturesque harbor city of Charleston you will find the old south! More than any other place in the world, including Mississippi, traditional plantations and mansions surround the old port here.

Doomed to fail? Why 99% of all start-ups get no investment

Who hasn't heard the success stories about startups that have secured millions in funding? But that's just the tip of the iceberg, as VC analyst David Stuck tells us: of the up to 1.000 startups that apply for VC investment each year get just 1% funded. Find out what happens to the remaining 99%, how to deal with rejections as a founder, and David's tips for negotiating with VC investors in this guest post. Finding the right investor for your company is not that easy. Why 99% of startups turn down VCs is explained by David Stuck in this guest post. A clear word in advance: This is not about the dazzling topics of the colorful start-up world, but about investment rejections and financing rounds that could only be closed in the second or third attempt. What start-up is willing to admit that?? And which VC investor boasts about an investment in a start-up whose development did not suffice for funding in the first attempt or which has already been rejected (several times) by other VCs?? But this is no wonder, because the probability of a VC investment is less than 1%. (Tens of) thousands of start-ups fight every year for an investment at the more than 100 German venture capital companies. An (early-stage) investor usually makes between 10 to 20 investments per year and rarely sees less than 1.000 Pitch Decks.

In the screening process, 99% of the possible deals are sorted out by the investor. As a founder in fundraising you are always fighting against this 99%!

Cybercrime 2022: study reveals new dangerous trends

Which cyberattacks are on the rise? What are the cybercriminals' goals?? This report shows the latest threats and provides tips for your cybersecurity.

The Microsoft Digital Defense Report paints an accurate picture of the threat landscape for your cybersecurity: who and what was the focus of cybercriminals last year? What are the latest methods of attack? What are the most dangerous players for cybersecurity? How can you address these challenges and minimize your cybersecurity risks?

For many car owners, it is a frustrating experience to first have to get the frozen door lock on the car free before the journey can start. Fortunately, there are several effective methods to open a frozen door lock.

The most important facts in brief

  • The easiest way to get an icy car door lock free is to use a door lock deicer.
  • In emergencies, the car key can be heated carefully and not too strongly.
  • A hairdryer can also be used to de-ice a door lock.
  • A few drops of WD-40 lubricating oil prevent the door lock from freezing at all.

First check all door locks

Before de-icing a door lock, you should first check all other locks; it may be possible to open at least one of the other doors. You can then use them to get into the vehicle to start the engine and turn on the vehicle heater.

Quiet places in andalusia

Andalusia offers numerous attractions for every vacationer and many places unknown to most tourists. Especially quiet places away from the mass beaches are rarely found in travel guides and the real insider tips are hard to find in a tourist stronghold like Andalusia. But there are some quiet places that have preserved their originality. So there are many small villages in Andalusia, which are located in a picturesque landscape. In the natural landscape of Andalusia there is a wide range of suitable places to spend a peaceful vacation. And even on the coast you can find quiet places to relax on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.

Quiet beaches in Andalusia

Quiet places in andalusia

Costa del Sol

Is that really a car steering wheel sticking out of the mossy forest floor?? Is that an axle with tires? And there, a chrome radiator grill overgrown with moss? When benedikt schmidt and michael krug went for a walk to see these "treasures", they were shocked in the forest between fladungen and sands found they were more than surprised. Because on closer inspection, they found that not "only" a steering wheel and vehicle remains lying in the woods, but whole vehicles and not just one or two, but a real car graveyard.

They did some research and found out that this area was used as a landfill for mull a good half century ago. "Most of the waste there dates back to the 70s", they have determined and decided: "for fifty years they looked the other way and tolerated this dirt stain. Now is the time to change that."

The Wicklow Mountains or still the Ring of Kerry? Spectacular coasts or quaint pubs? Whatever your preference, Ireland has it all! We are happy to inform you about all the possibilities to travel to Ireland with Echt Irland. In this blog, we'll give you the best tips to help you book your ideal vacation to Ireland. Let yourself be inspired!

Round trip including flight and rental car

Look for a fully organized package tour to Ireland, including rental car and flight? Then a fly& Drive vacation just right for you. Choose your favorite destinations in Ireland and we will book the flight and arrange for your rental car to be waiting for you at the airport. Of course, you'll stay in our personal, small-scale accommodations in unique locations. Curious about our Fly& Drive-around? We will be happy to describe them to you in detail!

When it comes to traveling with your dog every year, there are important questions to be answered in advance and various things to be planned for. We help you with valuable travel tips.

If the vacation and the vacations stand before the door and you already selected yourselves a destination, then the next moment stands as a responsible owner of a dog the concrete planning, how the journey with the dog can be organized in the best possible way, so that your quadruped can likewise start as untroubled a vacation journey as possible. But even the short weekend trip to a neighboring country or a visit to the Munich Oktoberfest require the right preparation before the start of the trip, so that no relevant points are forgotten or lost, which will cause problems at the end of the day.