Ideas for increasing the value of a property

First and foremost, the age, condition and location of a property play the biggest role in its value. If you want to get information about the realistic selling price, you can, for example, look at the market value of comparable properties. If a rental is intended, the rent index of the relevant municipality helps or. of the residential district further. In addition to renovation and refurbishment, there are several ways to increase value. For this we have some tips ready below.

Printing on glass

Glass prints are on the rise, and there are virtually no limits to the choice of motifs. Countless patterns, decors and ornaments turn simple glass surfaces into individual, extraordinary pieces of jewelry. If, for example, boring tiles in the kitchen are replaced by a printed, glass rear wall, an atmospheric ambience is guaranteed. In addition, shower enclosures, glass doors and partitions of any kind represent unique furnishing features through the enrichment with colors or printed motifs.

Glass can be printed both private and business people, if they want to increase the attractiveness of their living space, practice, office or law firm. The material has the advantage of being exceptionally easy to maintain. Up to now, frosted or opaque glass has mostly been used for doors or balcony partitions where opacity is required. With printed glass surfaces, a modern alternative is now available, which goes hand in hand with fantastic looks.

Winter gardens provide the highest comfort of living

Natural light has a positive effect on our physical and mental health. To enjoy it as often as possible, the construction of an exclusive winter garden is a good idea. It can be individually designed according to personal taste and easily combined with any architectural style. If this leads out into the garden, residents of the house enjoy a relaxing view of nature.

Through the use of various door systems, it is possible to transform the winter garden into an inviting, covered outdoor space on nice days. It comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Expansion of the living space
  • Heating cost savings
  • Protection for potted plants in frosty weather, which also transforms the conservatory into a natural oasis
  • Significant increase in rental or sales value

Equally important: garden design

Guaranteed is: With a completely overgrown garden, which resembles an impenetrable jungle, no flower pot can be won. Potential buyers or renters of a house are easily deterred when they see a large financial outlay and physical commitment coming their way. However, if there is already a respectable hedge planting and if the garden fence and gate are in good condition, the property is much more interesting.

A higher sales price can be achieved if the house or apartment has an attractively designed terrace. The same applies to useful outbuildings such as a garden shed or barbecue hut. If you now have an idyllic garden pond or fascinating water features, you have hit the jackpot.

Plus point for every property: wellness facilities

Even though saunas are becoming more and more popular, they are still a rarity in private homes. Solid wood products for one or two people in compact size, which can be integrated even in small rooms, are already available under 1.000 euros. For a small sauna, a mini stove is sufficient, which is also not expensive to buy.

The highlight of every house is its own swimming pool. For this numerous people are ready to spend clearly more money. No matter what type of wellness facility is involved, it should be in a good state of maintenance and – in the case of an intended real estate sale – should be spruced up once again.

Don't forget the bathroom

While rooms such as living rooms, children's rooms, bedrooms and the kitchen are usually carefully designed, many home and apartment owners neglect the bathroom. Especially in old buildings, you often find only the most necessary facilities on a few square meters: WC, a small wash hand basin and a narrow shower. Neither prospective buyers nor tenants can be inspired by this.

In a modern bathroom, functionality, practicality and attractiveness combine to create an oasis of well-being. Which style is preferred thereby, plays no role. Wood with a warm cozy look is well received, as well as exclusive materials, including ceramics, marble and stainless steel. An appropriately converted bathroom or. an extensive renovation increases the value of the whole property.

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