Quiet places in andalusia


Quiet places in andalusia


Andalusia offers numerous attractions for every vacationer and many places unknown to most tourists. Especially quiet places away from the mass beaches are rarely found in travel guides and the real insider tips are hard to find in a tourist stronghold like Andalusia. But there are some quiet places that have preserved their originality. So there are many small villages in Andalusia, which are located in a picturesque landscape. In the natural landscape of Andalusia there is a wide range of suitable places to spend a peaceful vacation. And even on the coast you can find quiet places to relax on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.

Quiet beaches in Andalusia


Quiet places in andalusia


Costa del Sol

During the high season there are only a few quiet places by the water on the Costa del Sol. However, the Mediterranean coast also offers some quiet shore areas, which are not overcrowded, at least during the week. Among these places are the beaches of Nerja, 50 kilometers east of Malaga. There the shore zones are not yet built up with hotels and one finds many small bath bays at the 14 kilometers long coast section. Especially the Playa del Molino del Pape is recommended for relaxing hours. Beach goers should wear sturdy shoes, since the footpath already leads steeply downhill. Between rocks and hills the beach is located in a tranquil bathing bay. Because of the lack of infrastructure everyone should think of travel provisions.

A few kilometers to the east you will find the nearest natural bay for quiet hours by the water: the Playa de la Alberquilla. There the beach is easier to reach and the 400 meters long bay looks very pristine with the boulders and hills. Because of the gravelly ground, bathing shoes are recommended and the clear water is good for diving. Instead of gastronomy and beach bars, Playa de la Alberquilla offers a lot of tranquility.

Southwest of Marbella, in the surroundings of Estepona, there are many quiet places for a relaxed beach holiday. Near Manilva the Playa del Christo is located in a small bay and for the physical well-being a small chiringuito provides. The neighboring Playa Tubalitas is also a tranquil beach and due to its proximity to the strait, the water quality is very good.

Tranquil villages at the Costa de la Luz


Quiet places in andalusia


Beach of El Palmar at the Costa de la Luz

On the Atlantic coast of Andalusia, the Costa de la Luz, there are much more quiet places. There you can find many quiet bays, which invite you to an undisturbed bathing vacation. With its many cliffs, the Costa de la Luz offers numerous bays and bathers can enjoy the natural beaches there. For nature lovers, Playa de Cuesta Maneli near Huelva is a real paradise. Here, on the edge of the Donana Natural Park, the path leads over a cliff to the shore. The extensive beach is especially suitable for hiking and because of its secluded location, the shore area is never overcrowded, even in the high season.

South of Cadiz, the surroundings of Conil del la Frontera offer a peaceful beach holiday. Especially north of Conil there are many small bays and especially the Calas de Poniente offers quiet shore zones. With rocks and cliffs the bathing bays are very natural and vacationers can relax here all day long.

Villages and small towns in Andalusia


Quiet places in andalusia


White village in Vejer

Andalusia is known for its Pueblos Blancos, the White Villages, which are located in the midst of unspoiled natural landscapes. The whitewashed facades with colorful flower pots are popular photo motifs with tourists and are among the main symbols of Andalusia. During a walk through the narrow streets vacationers can get to know the original Andalusia.

Among the most beautiful villages is Vejer de la Frontera, 10 kilometers north of the beaches at Barbate and Canos de Meca in the province of Cadiz. The historical townscape is very rich with a Moorish castle, a parish church, city gates and city walls. Visitors, especially those interested in culture, can go on a discovery tour and explore buildings spanning 8 centuries. Even small details like the colorfully tiled fountain in the Plaza de Espana are worth seeing. Due to its elevated location, Vejer offers a good view of the surrounding area.

North of Vejer is Medina-Sidonia, the next white village worth seeing. Medina-Sidonia has been a settlement since ancient times, i.e. 1,000 B.C., and has a Moorish village center. Especially the market place, the churches and the Alcazar are worth seeing and on the castle vacationers have a good panoramic view.

If you want to visit several Pueblos Blancos at the same time, you can visit Arcos de la Frontera as well as Vejer and Medina-Sidonia because of their close proximity. This town is also located in the province of Cadiz and shows with its whitewashed houses on a hill the typical townscape of a Pueblo Blanco.

Trips to the nature

Due to its vast area and many contrasts, Andalusia offers numerous natural parks and many opportunities for excursions into the great outdoors. From the deserts near Almeria in the east of the region to the Sierra Nevada near Granada and the natural parks along the Atlantic Ocean, you'll find plenty of quiet spots in the middle of the region. For hikers and climbers the mountainous region of the Alpujarras is recommendable, a southern slope of the Sierra Nevada. If you want to observe the colorful bird life up close, you'll find it in the Coto de Donana National Park south of Seville. In the retreat of migratory birds, vacationers can enjoy the great diversity of nature between river deltas, wooded areas and sand dunes.

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