Scrap bedded in moss

Is that really a car steering wheel sticking out of the mossy forest floor?? Is that an axle with tires? And there, a chrome radiator grill overgrown with moss? When benedikt schmidt and michael krug went for a walk to see these "treasures", they were shocked in the forest between fladungen and sands found they were more than surprised. Because on closer inspection, they found that not "only" a steering wheel and vehicle remains lying in the woods, but whole vehicles and not just one or two, but a real car graveyard.

They did some research and found out that this area was used as a landfill for mull a good half century ago. "Most of the waste there dates back to the 70s", they have determined and decided: "for fifty years they looked the other way and tolerated this dirt stain. Now is the time to change that."


Schmidt and krug are founders of the chaos camping club, fladungen. The formal foundation of the association took place at the beginning of the year, but the friends have been working together for a long time in the field of nature and environmental protection. They decided to become active and called for a "flash-mob", to germany of a gauze collection campaign on.

The public call was answered by 20 people. The weather was with fog and temperatures around the freezing point conceivably inconvenient for such an action, but the ground was insofar frozen that it was passable with the tractor. "We do not want to wait any longer. The pollution committed is to be remedied", declared schmidt and krug.

Two forest departments have taken it upon themselves. In the first one there were no vehicles, but nevertheless there was a lot of garbage to pick up. Hardly a step was possible without stumbling on plastic, glass and scrap of all kinds. "That has been lying for many years, partly broken and decayed. 18 bags of plastic gauze alone were taken out of the forest by the helpers. Plus a trailer full of residual gauze, glass, material scraps and metal scrap. Besides car parts, tires and rims, there was also an old concrete mixer in the woods. This part of the forest to the right of the path could be largely cleared as part of the mulch collection campaign.

The situation is more complicated with the former "car cemetery" from. "We have only scratched the surface. It is necessary to have rough equipment in order to "dig up" here, michael krug summarized. There are full size vehicles standing in the forest completely overgrown. A sparing was put on the area, so that everything is overgrown.

Opel record 1963

How many vehicles are really stored there is not to be foreseen, because it is unclear how deep it goes into the ground. Schmidt and krug were sobered up and not really satisfied at the end of the long day's work. Although they have taken unimaginable amounts of scrap out of the forest, they have only taken the tip of the iceberg. "It is unbelievable what all lies here in the forest", said krug.

An old opel rekord year 1963 could be identified. Chromium plated bumpers, female wall tires, plastic, glass metal parts and many just lying under a dark layer of moss. "No matter where you touch, more and more comes to light."

Whether the chaos-camping-club will be able to accomplish this alone is not foreseeable at the moment. They see themselves as a grassroots initiative, which has written the sustainable cleaning of the forests by collecting scrap, gauze and waste on the flag. But exclusively as "mullabfuhr" they do not want to act.

They are counting on cooperation with the city of fladungen to tackle the problem. They have contacted the recycling center in bad neustadt and unbureaucratic support was promised for the disposal. "Something must be done. Forests are an important component of the ecosystem. Wild animals, herbs and mushrooms are part of our food chain. But they absorb toxic substances from the mull, which was partly illegally dumped or carelessly disposed of in nature. And this is how this waste ends up on our plates. Meal!", chaos campers agree.

The problem at the former mull dump is besides that the civilization mull lies nearly unprotected in the forest and represents thus a not insignificant danger. Schmidt and krug are now also looking for eyewitnesses who can provide information about the rough shape of the former mullkippe site. "This is certainly not unknown. There is far too much standing around here." the young fathers of the family are not concerned with finding and naming the guilty, but with cleaning up and revising the environmental sins of the past. "We owe this to our children and we hope for like-minded people."

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