Michael moritz as a man for the youth

Michael moritz as a man for the youth

There has been a change in the leadership of the fubball referee group kitzingen/ochsenfurt. After martin estenfelder moved his residence, michael moritz is the new deputy of chairman helmut wittiger. Connected with the post is the task to assign referees for the junior games in the area kitzingen/ochsenfurt.

"With michael moritz, chairman helmut wittiger was able to present a very young person in office, who has also created a good acceptance in the group as a whole," it says in a press release of the group. The 30 years old moritz is only since the year 2008 active referee and belonged to the group wurzburg until his change of residence to buchbrunn. Active as a fubballer at TSV grombuhl and at post SV wurzburg up to the U15 level. Then he had a sports accident that forced him to quit. For eleven years, school and work had priority in the life of the new deputy chairman. In the meantime, he is a qualified referee in the district league. Michael moritz is still in charge of the u13s of the wurzburger FV in the upper district league.

Moritz works as a head waiter in a wurzburg hotel. This is associated with very differentiated working hours. Boredom is alien to him in his rather limited free time, as he himself says. When asked if he takes calls from the clubs with his headset when he walks around the guest room with a silver tray while serving the guests, he just laughs. He is always available promptly. Mailbox and e-mail reception on the cell phone make it possible. A quick recall is guaranteed.

Very important to the new assessor of helmut wittiger is the demand of young arbitrators. "Here it applies to set the lever, in order to make the office of the referee palatable for the young sport comrades. My aim will be to put a team together in the group's next newcomer course under the leadership of our instructor wolfgang prost. We want the young people to become competent, knowledgeable leaders of the games at the grassroots level," says moritz. "It is important to actively advertise in the clubs now in order to recruit as many young referees as possible for our group. A date will be set in short."

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