Tips for finding a job in australia


Tips for finding a job in australia


The job hunt can get on your last nerve, in Australia as well as in Germany. Especially if you don't know exactly how to apply and where to find potential employers. The slowly but steadily decreasing bank balance certainly does not help to make the situation more bearable, because you don't want to have to fly back home because of money shortage. To help you out of a tight spot, here are a few tips for finding a job in Australia.

1) Job agencies

In Australia there are countless job agencies that can find jobs in a wide variety of fields. Everything from cleaning positions to jobs in the mine are offered here and look for suitable applicants.

So if you are using Gumtree& If you have no success, then google for jobagencies in your area and inquire about current job offers. Many of these agencies are free for applicants, so you have no disadvantages at all and with a little luck you can start your new job soon. If an application fee is required, however, I would advise you in most cases not to use job agencies, as they are often only out to make money.

2) Yellow pages& Co

Where can you find many companies including phone number and address?? Right, in the yellow pages. In Australia this is called, but also is worth a look. Enter city and industry, click on search and "TADAAAA!"Countless potential employers. The next step is to either make a quick phone call to inquire about job openings, or write down the addresses and apply in person.

Small tip: also useful when looking for farm work to find out the typical areas where all the farms are located. Where there is one, there are usually many others!

3) Doorknocking

In this digital age, many people forget the classic way of applying for a job and simply look around at potential employers. Say hello in a friendly manner, inquire about open positions, and drop off your application materials. This is not only the best and easiest way to apply, but also the one with the best chance of success. Whether it's at a restaurant, hotel, farm or even a construction site, you make a first impression right away and the employer can be sure you're already on site and ready to start right away. Sure, it's not enough to just knock on one company's door, but you should spend the time and money on resumes and transportation if you really want to find something.

In Australia, a second visit (if you haven't heard from the employer yet) is not considered annoying, but shows real interest in the job. So after a few days just visit us again and ask how it looks like.

4) Connections

In Australia Connections can make the job search a lot easier. This doesn't mean connections to high positions in a company, but simply knowing a few people. As a backpacker you meet new people all the time, so you can build up these connections relatively quickly. Whether it's the Aussie you met in the pub on Friday or the French backpacker who arrived at the hostel yesterday. Let everyone know that you are looking for a job and you will be surprised how many people will try to help you and let you know as soon as they hear about an opening.

Almost every other backpacker has also worked somewhere in Australia before and may be able to give you contact details of their old company or have general tips on job hunting in certain industries .

5) Don't be picky


Tips for finding a job in australia


Your next job doesn't have to be anything spectacular, just enough money to fund the next leg of your journey. If you can't find anything in your dream job right away, expand your search to other industries and try your hand at other professions. This may take some effort, as you are entering a completely new work environment, but in this case it is the best solution. Because you have to keep in mind that with the working holiday visa you have only a limited stay of 12 months. Every day you waste looking for a job is time wasted. Wouldn't it be much better to just work something and save money for your travel plans, instead of spending another 2 weeks job hunting until you finally find something in your dream job?

By this I don't mean take an underpaid job, but simply include several career fields in your search. Australia has a high wage level and this also applies to backpackers. I generally don't recommend jobs below 20$ gross per hour, but that's up to you to decide.

6) Take advantage of the seasons

90% of all backpackers head up north in the winter, as it gets pretty chilly in the south. If you do the same and then start looking for a job in Cairns, for example, it will be relatively difficult to find a well-paid job. If you apply for a job in southern New South Wales at this time, your chances are much better.

So you can take advantage of the seasons and significantly increase your job chances. If you want to work somewhere in tourism this is probably not the best idea, but in most other industries the prospect of getting a job increases tremendously.

7) Avoid big cities


Tips for finding a job in australia


In big cities like Sydney or Brisbane it is often much harder to get a job than elsewhere. The simple reason is that there is just a lot more competition and jobs in cities are in hot demand. Not only other backpackers want to work here, but Australians themselves have to earn a living here as well. So your best chances are to look for jobs outside of these cities.

If you still want to work in a city, apply in cafes, restaurants and hotels that are not in the city center, but in other districts. In Sydney you should not limit your search to the CBD and Bondi Beach, but also apply elsewhere.

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