Dog insurance at a glance: which dog insurance do you need??

Dog insurance at a glance: which dog insurance do you need??

Dogs are great companions in everyday life. But also as a dog owner you should consider that there are some risks in everyday life. These risks can affect animal welfare on the one hand and other people and animals on the other – these risks ..

Dogs are great companions in everyday life. But even as a dog owner you should consider that there are some risks in everyday life. These risks can affect animal welfare on the one hand and other people and animals on the other – dog insurance covers these risks.

Especially important are the financial aspects. As a dog owner you have to cover some risks by law. In addition, there are insurances that protect you against high costs.

In this article I show you what different dog insurance there are and which are really useful. So let's get started and get an overview.

The most important things about dog insurance

  1. As a dog owner, you can insure yourself against numerous risks associated with dog ownership. For this, insurance companies offer appropriate dog insurance.
  2. Insurers offer different dog health and dog surgery insurances to protect you from high veterinary costs.
  3. The dog liability insurance is the most important dog insurance. This protects you against damage to third parties.
  4. There are also less important dog insurances, such as travel insurances or legal protection insurances.

What is dog insurance?

A dog insurance belongs to the category of property insurances. However, the term dog insurance is of a general nature, because there is no one dog insurance policy.

In fact, as a dog owner you have the choice between different insurances. At the same time, each insurance covers a different risk. For you it is now important to evaluate the different risks.

In particular, the medical care of your dog can quickly go into the money. Here you should decide for yourself if you need a separate insurance or if you should put money aside instead. So the decision for or against such insurance depends on your financial situation and the breed of your dog.

Of course, there are also other risks that you can insure against. If your dog causes damage to a third party, then you need a liability insurance that will cover this. In order to give you a good overview of the different types of insurance, I will show you below which dog insurance policies are actually available.

Which dog insurances are there?

There are numerous dog insurances that cover you and your four-legged darling. Whether it's a case of illness, damage to a third party or travel insurance, the insurance options for your furry friend are extensive. The following important insurances for dogs exist:

Dog liability insurance: The compulsory insurance for dog owners

In many states, dog liability insurance is a mandatory insurance for dog owners. And even in states where insurance is not compulsory, you should insure your four-legged friend.

Even if you have trained your dog well in the dog training, it can cause a damage. This is how it can happen that your furry friend gets out of his dog harness or collar in a stressful situation and simply runs into the street. If a car driver then tries to swerve, it can quickly lead to an accident and thus to a damage.

But also the damage of objects belongs to the risks, for which you are liable as a dog owner. Since damages can quickly reach horrendous sums, you should insure yourself well.

Here comes the dog owner liability or dog liability insurance into play. It covers property damage, personal injury and financial losses caused by your dog. The cost of such insurance varies depending on the breed and age of the dog. In our dog liability insurance comparison we present you the best dog liability insurances.

Kennel liability insurance is suitable for breeders

You keep several dogs? Basically, you have to insure every dog with an appropriate dog liability insurance. Many insurers offer alternatively a kennel liability insurance.

The name is somewhat misleading here, as many owners assume that keeping dogs in kennels is covered. However, this particular dog insurance is a liability insurance for several dogs.

Especially for dog breeders the kennel liability insurance is recommendable, because damages caused by all insured dogs are covered equally. Additionally, puppies are automatically covered until they reach a certain age.

In our kennel liability insurance comparison, we present you with the best policies.

Dog health insurance protects you from veterinary expenses

Going to the vet can become a financial burden for dog owners. The new fee schedule in particular has significantly increased the cost of veterinary visits.

The dog health insurance protects you from treatment costs. Dog health insurance can be taken out in two variants:

  • Comprehensive health insurance: assumption of general treatment costs and surgical interventions.
  • Dog surgery insurance: only covers surgical procedures.

As a dog owner, you should take a close look at the rates in order to enjoy optimal insurance coverage. Some plans cover only a part of the costs, while others exclude certain services completely.

For this reason, you should definitely use a dog health insurance comparison to find the best dog health insurance for you.

Dog surgery insurance is the cheaper health insurance option

Dog surgery insurance is the affordable alternative to dog health insurance. Sometimes a surgical intervention is unavoidable and the costs for this are often particularly high. This covers the dog surgery insurance completely or partially.

Again, a comparison of different dog surgery insurances is inevitable. As a dog owner you have to decide if you need the complete protection in case of illness or if you only need an OP-insurance instead. The costs of the individual tariffs vary depending on the dog's age and breed.

Some dog breeds are particularly susceptible and often have breed-typical clinical pictures. Especially with these breeds you should protect yourself financially and pay attention to the right protection.

The company dog insurance protects commercial dog owners

You have your dog covered by dog liability insurance? Do you know that this only covers damages in the private environment?? If you work with your dog commercially, then you also need a corresponding business dog insurance.

Typically this is the case if you run a dog school or boarding kennel. But dog sitters should also take out commercial dog insurance to cover appropriate damages.

Compared to private dog liability insurance, commercial insurance offers particularly high coverage amounts. If you already have a business liability insurance, then you can usually simply extend it to include the corresponding insurance benefits.

If you intend to take out a company dog insurance, then take a look at our comparison of the best company dog insurances.

You should definitely take out this dog insurance

Basically, the question arises at this point, which dog insurance you should absolutely take out. Here we must distinguish between private and commercial dog ownership.

In addition, it also depends on the breed of dog. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to diseases and should be insured against these risks.

Which insurances for private dog keeping?

Let's assume the normal, private dog owner in the first step. In some states it is mandatory, but even without mandatory you should definitely take out a dog liability insurance. This protects you from high claims for damages in the event of a claim.

Additionally, dog health or dog surgery insurance is also really recommended. Especially in case of breed-typical diseases I can highly recommend this insurance. If you are financially sound or save regularly, you can do without this insurance. At the end of the day, it depends on your personal risk appetite.

The best dog insurance policies for commercial dog ownership

If you work with dogs on a commercial basis, then you should also have the appropriate insurance. Basically, a business liability insurance is recommended, which you can specify with regard to your business field.

As a commercial breeder, you can also take out kennel liability insurance and thus achieve the appropriate protection for your dogs. Make sure you have health insurance to protect you from financial risks.

The following lines of business should come with commercial dog insurance:

  • Animal shelters
  • Dog breeder
  • Dog trainers
  • Dog sitter
  • Dog boarding kennels
  • Dog salons

What does dog insurance cost??

Another exciting question is what a dog insurance policy costs. The cost of a corresponding insurance varies based on the following aspects:

  1. Extent of insurance: Depending on whether it is liability or health insurance, the costs can vary significantly.
  2. Age of the dog: Many insurance companies take the age of the dog into account when calculating premiums. Older dogs are more expensive in health insurance and cheaper in liability insurance and vice versa.
  3. Dog breed: Every dog is different, but the breed already gives information about the nature of the animal. Some dog breeds have chronic medical conditions, while others are assigned to a special risk class.
  4. Size and weight: Often the insurance companies want to know how big and heavy the animal to be insured is. Especially with health insurance these factors play a role.
  5. Pre-existing conditions: For a health insurance also pre-existing conditions play a role. In some cases, insurance companies want increased premiums, while other insurance companies do not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions.

At the end of the day, it's worth comparing different policies for every insurance policy. In our insurance comparisons you will find extensive information on this topic.

Save money with combined dog insurance

As you probably know, many insurance companies offer discounts if you cover different policies with the same provider. The same applies to dog insurance policies.

By purchasing multiple policies from the same provider, you can save a lot of money. After all, you are taking out an insurance package and are therefore a more attractive customer.

A popular example of this are combined rates for dog liability insurance and dog health insurance. Alternatively, a dog liability insurance can also be combined with a dog surgery insurance.

Conclusion: Dog insurance is a sensible protection

In conclusion, it can be said that dog insurance has its raison d'etre. Many dog owners decide for a dog liability insurance – and that is a really good decision.

What I personally find a bit shocking is the fact that many dog owners do not have health insurance. In particular in the circle of acquaintances there are again and again owners, who must resort with high veterinary bills to a credit. Should you not have the financial cushion for such a case, then an appropriate insurance is recommended.

Of course, insurance companies also try to earn money, so you should not insure too much. If you want to learn more about the different dog insurances, then you can collect more information from us. We also test the offers of popular insurance companies and provide you with the relevant information. How to find the right insurance for you and your four-legged friend.

Frequently asked questions about dog insurance

What is dog insurance?

A dog insurance is a property insurance, which covers a risk for dogs. There are different dog insurance policies, so you can't get the one, comprehensive dog insurance policy.

Which insurances for dogs are available?

There are different dog insurances. A distinction must be made between:

  • Dog liability insurance
  • Dog health insurance
  • Dog surgery insurance
  • Kennel liability insurance
  • Commercial dog insurance policies

Which dog insurances should you have?

Basically you should have a dog liability insurance. In addition, dog health insurance or cheaper dog surgery insurance is also available.

How much does a dog insurance cost?

The cost of dog insurance depends largely on the risk covered. While dog liability insurances are rather cheaper, health insurances cost more money. The cost will depend on the age of the dog, breed, weight, size and any pre-existing conditions.

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