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The first Care Strengthening Act (Pflegestarkungsgesetz) will, among other things, increase the benefit amounts for the individual benefits of the social care insurance as of 01.01.2015 raised. This will also increase the benefit amounts for the care benefits in kind.

The care benefit in kind is granted to insured persons in the home who have the care provided by a care provider of the long-term care insurance fund. The care takes place in these cases thus by social stations and/or. outpatient care services.

After the year 2013 insured with a limited everyday life competence also in the care level 0 can claim a care benefit in kind and for insured in the care level I and care level II with simultaneously limited everyday life competence an additional care benefit in kind is available, these (additional) care benefits in kind are also increased. As of January 2015, insureds in care level 0 will receive €231.00 in the event of limited everyday competence, in care level I an additional care benefit of €221.00 and in care level II an additional care benefit of €154.00.

This results in the following benefit amounts as of January 2015:

  • Care level 0: 231,00 Euro
  • Care level I without limited daily living skills: 468.00 euros
  • Care level I with limited everyday life competence: 689,00 Euro
  • Care level II without limited everyday competence: 1.144,00 Euro
  • Care level II with limited everyday competence: 1.298,00 Euro
  • Care level III without limited everyday competence: 1.612,00 Euro
  • Care level III with limited everyday competence: 1.612.00 euros
  • Care level IV with limited everyday competence: 1.995,00 Euro
  • Care level IV without limited everyday competence: 1.995,00 Euro

The care benefit in kind is paid for basic care (nutrition, personal hygiene, mobility), domestic care and care at home.

With the amounts mentioned it concerns monthly amounts. These benefits are paid without reduction even if you are only entitled to them for part of a month. In this case, there is no proportional reduction, as is the case, for example, with the care allowance.

If the care benefit in kind is not fully utilized because there are still volunteer caregivers (z. B. Children, neighbors, friends) provide the care with, can still be granted a pro rata care allowance. In this case, one speaks of the so-called combination benefit (combination of care benefit in kind and care allowance).

Rededication option as of January 2015

As of 2015, a newly introduced "rededication option" for insured persons will result in better variation options for the care benefit in kind. Provided that basic care and household chores are taken care of, up to 40 percent of the care benefit can be "reallocated" for low-threshold care and respite services.

The additional care benefits were previously only available to insured persons with limited everyday competence and could be used for low-threshold care services. From January 2015, the additional care benefits will also be extended to additional relief benefits, which can then be claimed by all insured persons (i.e. also those in need of purely somatic care).

The additional care and respite services are available – in addition to the care benefit in kind and a possibly. Rededication amount – still in the amount of 104,00 € respectively. 208,00 € per month at your disposal. Insured persons with limited daily living skills and insured persons without limited daily living skills in care levels I to III receive a monthly benefit of €104.00, insured persons with increased limited daily living skills receive a monthly benefit of €208.00.

Consultation in matters of care insurance

The pension consultants registered for the area of the social care insurance (SGB XI) are available for a consultation independently of the insurance carriers competently. The pension consultants also conduct opposition proceedings and, as litigation agents, lawsuit and appeal proceedings to enforce benefit claims.

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