Cheap second car insurance – save with the second car policy

Cheap second car insurance - save with the second car policy

You have acquired a second car and are therefore looking for cheap second car insurance? Then you are exactly at the right address. If a second car has been purchased, you cannot avoid buying additional car insurance for the second car. Because at least the motor vehicle liability is mandatory in Germany by the legislator. A vehicle is not allowed to participate in road traffic in Germany without appropriate motor vehicle liability insurance. But don't worry, a good second car insurance policy doesn't have to be that expensive thanks to the second car policy that many insurance companies offer. Below we show you how to get a good but cheap second car insurance policy.

Favorable special classifications by second car regulation

How much the owner has to pay for car insurance depends to a decisive extent on his no-claims bonus class. With rising no-claims class the contribution rate to be paid sinks. Normally, when you take out a car insurance policy for a new car, you start with no-claims class 0 or 0. ½ if the insured is no longer a novice driver and has held a driving license for at least three years. But many car insurers offer a second car insurance resp. Second car regulation on. This second car regulation allows the policyholder to directly enter a higher no-claims class with his second car, if there is also an insurance for the first car. Due to the special classification within the framework of the second car insurance, the car insurance for the second car becomes cheaper from the beginning and the car owner can save a lot of money. However, the exact conditions for the special classifications of the second car insurance can differ from insurer to insurer.

Second car starts with a higher no-claims class

With many insurance companies that offer a second car insurance with a special classification, the insurance nemer can enter directly with the second car with a cheaper Schadenfreiheistklasse. Most insurers let the second car then start directly with the SF class 2. With some car insurance companies, the second car is even classified in the even more favorable SF class 4 right at the beginning. With SF class 4, the premium rate to be paid by the insurance customer drops considerably compared to SF class ½, as the following table illustrates, making the second car insurance much cheaper.

Premium rate motor vehicle liability insurance

However, for the second car to be classified in SF class 4, certain conditions must be met for both insurance companies. For example, some insurers expect drivers of the second car to have reached a certain minimum age. Other insurers require that the second vehicle is registered to the same owner as the first vehicle, so that the more favorable special classification for the second car is granted. Which conditions must be fulfilled with the respective insurance companies for the second car insurance, you can infer from the general conditions for the Kfz insurance (AKB).

Take over the no-claims bonus from the first vehicle

There are also some insurance companies that allow their customers to take over the no-claims bonus of the first car with the second vehicle. Of course, this is especially worthwhile if a high SF class has already been achieved with the first vehicle. But here again, certain conditions must be met so that the insurance company is willing to classify the first car in the same no-claims bonus class as the second car. You can find out what these requirements are in the insurer's general terms and conditions for motor vehicle insurance (AKB).

Cheap second car insurance through insurance comparison

If you want to take out a really cheap second car insurance, you should definitely compare the rates of the insurers carefully beforehand. Because sometimes there are enormous price differences between the insurance companies. This also applies in particular to second car insurance. If you choose a cheap car insurance, you can easily save several hundred euros per year. An insurance comparison is therefore definitely worthwhile. A comparison of the different tariffs does not have to be complicated at all. With our comparison calculator, you can quickly and easily compare car insurance quotes and find a particularly cheap second car insurance policy. If you want to change your car insurance, you have to terminate your old insurance policy by no later than 30. Cancel November. If you do not cancel your old insurance within this period, the contract will automatically be renewed for another year and a change of insurance is not possible for the time being. Therefore, don't waste any time and use our comparison calculator now to find a cheap rate.

Motor vehicle liability insurance and comprehensive insurance

Anyone planning to take out a cheap second car insurance policy must also think about the scope of insurance cover for the second car beforehand. In Germany, only motor vehicle liability insurance is legally required. However, liability insurance only pays for damage to the other party's vehicle. The motor third party insurance is not responsible for the damages on the vehicle of the policy holder. If you want to make sure that you do not have to pay for damage to your vehicle out of your own pocket, you should also take out comprehensive insurance in addition to motor liability insurance (partial cover or. take out comprehensive insurance).

Partial cover includes all damage to the vehicle caused by natural forces. This includes damage to the car caused by storm, hail, lightning or flooding. On the other hand the partial casco also covers damages after a collision with furred game. In addition, the partial coverage also covers the following damages:

  1. Theft damage
  2. Damage due to marten bite
  3. Glass breakage damage
  4. Scorching damage to the cabling

The fully comprehensive insurance includes the complete partial comprehensive cover. This is supplemented, however, by protection for damage to the vehicle caused wilfully by vandalism. In addition, fully comprehensive cover comes into play in the event of damage to the insurance customer's car following an accident for which he or she is responsible. The fully comprehensive insurance thus offers extended insurance coverage compared to the partially comprehensive insurance, but is also somewhat more expensive for this.

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