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Private health insurance students: Students have the option to choose between public and private health insurance, depending on their personal and family backgrounds. This means that students belong to the privileged group of those who can take out private health insurance without having to prove an income above the compulsory insurance limit.

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Depending on their family situation, they no longer fall under the family insurance of the statutory health insurance, but can change to private health insurance. This change is final for the duration of your studies.

Both the legal and the private health insurers offer very favorable student tariffs, which offer to the students already very early an inexpensive insurance protection, which can be adapted however in the private health insurance quite well to the individual conceptions of the insured one.

Favorable contributions for students

The insurance premiums for private health insurance students are kept relatively uniform for most companies, and they are also essentially the same as the contributions in the statutory health insurance. There are no major differences here. However, early entry into private health insurance for students is worthwhile because of the low premiums, which remain very low for a long time due to the low entry age. The student thus has the opportunity to keep his premiums low over a very long period and still benefit from good services.

Advantages private health insurance students

Early entry into private health insurance has a number of advantages for students. First, they have a choice of regular plans for all insureds, which are very inexpensive because of the low starting age. On the other hand, there are also special student rates, which are characterized by low premiums and yet offer solid benefits. These student tariffs are on the same level as the public health insurance, but usually have somewhat better benefits. Especially in the case of a longer stay abroad due to studies, this can be important. For example, comprehensive protection in the area of travel health insurance can be interesting for students in particular if a longer study stay abroad is planned. At the same time, the early entry into private health insurance preserves students in the long term the possibility of favorable premiums, because the earlier you switch to private health insurance, the lower the premiums will remain in the long term. Thus, the switch to private health insurance students is an option worth considering.

From university to self-employment with PKV

Especially students, who due to their age can no longer be covered by the private health insurance family insurance, benefit from lower premiums. For a good decision, it is advisable to inform yourself in detail and also compare the premiums of the statutory health insurance with private health insurance. Who changes after the study directly into the self-employment profits once again by the following private health insurance for self-employed persons. In any case, a health insurance comparison is the right measure to find the best health insurance in the study.

Special rates for medical students

Particularly favorable PKV tariffs are usually available for students of medical specialties. In general, it is assumed in the PKV that aspiring and practicing doctors can largely cure themselves and take care of their health. Therefore, they can insure themselves in the form of special tariffs for doctors at very favorable premiums. This also applies to medical students, who benefit from very good and affordable rates.

Students do not necessarily have to take out a regular tariff in the PKV. There are very special student rates, which are similarly high for most companies. They are priced in a range that closely resembles the low rates offered by public health insurance companies.

A careful comparison of premiums and benefits is also recommended for students, so that a later change of insurance does not partially cancel out the favorable premiums. As with any other insurance, a careful comparison before signing a contract is also important for students in order to find the company with the tariff with which you feel you are in the best hands at an early stage.

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