Prepaid credit cards 2022: find attractive credit cards online without fees

Prepaid credit cards are likely to gain further value in the coming years. Especially free prepaid credit cards, with which worldwide payments can be made or cash can be withdrawn, are in demand. The credit cards of the type MasterCard as well as Visa credit card are particularly in demand and offer a lot of advantages. In general, it should be noted that prepaid credit cards can of course be taken out and managed online. The complete banking takes place online and can therefore be realized very easily.

Prepaid credit cards 2022: The Black & example White MasterCard

The Black& White MasterCard credit card is a double. The issuer of the credit card is PayRNet based in Lithuania. Payments used to be processed by Wirecard Bank, which is no longer in existence. The great advantages of the Black& White MasterCard credit card lie in transparency and cost control. In concrete terms, this means that the cards can be used without an annual fee and without a monthly fee. In numerous tests, the credit cards with the label Black& White very well off. Another benefit that borrowers can take advantage of here is the fact that there is no query at KSV if one decides to use the credit card. Proof of salary is also not required when applying for the Black& White MasterCard credit card decides.

  • No proof of salary required
  • No query of data at the KSV
  • No annual fee
  • No monthly fee
  • One-time activation fee: 89.90 euros for 3 years of use

Where can I use the Black & White MasterCard pay?


Prepaid credit cards 2022: find attractive credit cards online without fees


The above credit card is a prepaid credit card. This means no disadvantage in daily use. However, the money that can be spent with the credit card must first be paid in. Similar to a prepaid card for a cell phone, the money must be loaded and in the form of a credit balance. This means that a transfer must be made to the account of the credit card. You need to provide the IBAN of the credit card. Only if there is a credit balance on the credit card, it can be used for payments. In most cases, it takes only 1 business day until the money is received by bank transfer on the credit card and can be used.

The credit card can be used to pay worldwide. At the same time, cash can be withdrawn or transferred worldwide. can be picked up. The currency does not matter here.

What security does the Black& White MasterCard?

The securities, which are offered to the users of the credit card are more than extensive. In principle, only money that has been charged to the credit card in advance can be spent. In practice, this means that no loan can be taken out, so the classic credit trap is not possible here (more in our categories). Also worth mentioning is that there is, of course, protection against online shopping fraud. The maximum amount that can be lost is the money that is on the credit card in advance. With classic debit credit cards, it is conceivable that significantly higher sums can also be lost, as credit can be created in addition to the credit balance.

  • credits creation of a debt possible
  • High level of security when shopping online and on vacation

Another advantage is that credit card holders and users do not have to worry about their creditworthiness. With a classic credit card, creditworthiness plays a role all the time. It is checked in advance and this can lead to the fact that a credit card is not awarded, but denied. With the Black& White MasterCard credit card is not the case, because the credit card is issued regardless of creditworthiness.

Two credit cards: no problems with the partner card or the card for children of legal age!

The second credit card is a bonus that can be used with the Black& White credit card is offered. This means that this credit card can be used and assigned freely. It is conceivable that, for example, the partner can work with the credit card. Children of legal age can also use the credit card. It is important that the user or. the user of the credit card is in any case of legal age to be allowed to use the card.

It should be noted and known that credit cards are accepted at over 35 million locations. Worldwide, you can pay with the credit card wherever the MasterCard logo is present. It is also possible to withdraw money at the ATMs with the MasterCard logo. Thus, it is fast and easy to realize to get cash or liquid assets in general.

How is the identity clarified when issuing credit cards?

There is the option of identity verification with registration via the Internet. Should this be successful, the credit card can be used. Who would like to use higher limits as far as payment functions are concerned, must have the identity completely checked. Provided this has happened successfully, there are higher payment limits that can be used without any problems. The chart must be verified in all cases to benefit from the advantages.

What are the fees for the use of the credit card?

Who pays with the credit card in the currency euro, does not have to expect any fees. This means that in retail shops it is possible to pay with this card in Euro without any problems. If payment is made in a different currency abroad, a so-called foreign currency fee is charged. This amounts to 2.49% of the turnover. So who z.B. converts 10 euro must count on fees at a value of 20.49 cent for this transaction. Anyone who wants to withdraw cash from ATMs outside the euro zone must expect the same costs and fees. A comparison of credit cards (see source) is well worthwhile here.

In the SEPA area, the withdrawal of cash costs a fee of 4.99 euros. If you want to withdraw cash outside the SEPA area, you will have to pay an additional 2.49% in fees for doing so. If you lose your credit card you have to pay 9,99 Euro for a replacement card.

Fees are incurred for minor services such as the query of credit at the ATM or but also in the case of a mail return. If you want to have a PIN sent, you will have to pay a fee of 3.49 euros. In the case of payment or. when refunding credit, it is necessary to pay a chargeback fee of 14.99 euros. If the card is closed and residual credit is still managed, a monthly fee of 1.99 euros per month must be paid for this.

Contactless payment can be used without much effort. However, it is not possible to use the services of Google Pay or Apple Pay with this credit card.

Depending on the identification or. Verification can be charged different sums as credit. With the pure on-line registration it is possible that only 150 euro as maximum card credit can be loaded. Should one decide to check the complete identity, up to 15.000 euros of credit can be loaded. A minimum of 10 euros must be charged to the credit card. For each individual charge, the fully verified variant allows up to 4.500 euros are charged. Up to 15 charges can be used to the full extent per day. There are up to 25 different charges that can be claimed per month.

Anyone who has fully verified the card can withdraw up to a maximum of 500 euros per transaction at ATMs. In a month, a maximum amount of up to 2.000 Euro must be withdrawn. Per year it is conceivable that, depending on the charge, up to 24.000 euros can be withdrawn in total from ATMs.

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