Insurance requirements for registration of cars in georgia


Insurance requirements for registration of cars in georgia


In the state of Georgia, drivers must purchase liability insurance ("financial responsibility") to legally operate a vehicle.

The minimum liability insurance for vehicle owners under this law is as follows:

  • $ 25.000 for bodily injury liability for a single person. This means that each insurance policy must have at least 50.000 US dollars must cover the lowest possible number of people involved in the accident (the two drivers).
  • $ 25.000 for property damage liability

This means that each driver must have liability insurance in the total amount of 75.Must carry $000 for each vehicle parked in Georgia.

Types of insurance

While these are the only types of insurance the state of Georgia requires, other types of insurance are accepted for additional coverage. These include:

  • Collision insurance covering damage to your vehicle caused by an accident.
  • Comprehensive insurance that covers damage to your vehicle that is not the result of an accident (z. B. weather-related damage).

Proof of Insurance

Georgia is one of the few states that does not accept the insurance card from your insurer as proof of insurance. Instead, proof of insurance is provided through the Georgia Electronic Insurance Compliance System. Your insurance company reports your status to this database.

A valid certificate of insurance to register your vehicle if insurance has not yet been reported to GEICS includes:

  • A bill of sale issued within 30 days of the policy purchase, including the valid policy declaration page.
  • A valid certificate of self-insurance issued by the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commission.

Violation penalties

If a driver is found guilty of not having the proper insurance in the state of Georgia, several steps are taken and different penalties are applied at each step:

  • The first step is a suspension of vehicle registration until proper insurance is restored.
  • To reinstate registration, two fees must be paid when you present the new proof of insurance: a $25 cancellation fee and a $60 reinstatement fee.
  • Second offense during a five-year period will result in a longer suspension period for registration.
  • Subsequent violations during a five-year period will result in suspension of the vehicle's registration for at least six months. The reinstatement fee at this level goes up to $160.

Cancellation of your insurance

If you wish to cancel your liability insurance, you must cancel the vehicle's registration with the tax authority of the district in which you reside. If you cancel coverage before you cancel enrollment, you will be subject to reinstatement fees and the cancellation fee.

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