Phoenix usa


Phoenix usa


Phoenix is dominated by companies in the IT, software and telecommunications sectors. In addition, the city lists a wide range of services with the aforementioned IT background, but extending to logistics and catering to tourist interests. The economy is internationally networked in many places, which makes expatriate assignments a viable basis for taking up a job in Phoenix, in addition to applying directly for a job there. The rapid development of the city also makes trade and business with real estate a noticeably profitable business. Numerous major real estate developers are engaged in the city.

With that in mind, some of the most significant economic drivers in Phoenix include:

  • IT and telecommunications companies
  • Planners and investors in real estate
  • Industries and professions in the tourism sector

Secondment or direct application – which has better chances

Opportunity differences between the forms of employment are not observed across the board. Which form – secondment or direct application – has advantages, depends individually on branch, profession, concrete activity and above all the form of the enterprise. Because the assignment is only possible between parent companies and subsidiaries, branches or subsidiaries, in exceptions in partner companies. Based on relevant immigration regulations, various work visas are available for starting work in Phoenix. It is important to note that not only the intracompany transferee visa, which is specifically valid for expatriates, can be used for an assignment.

intracompany transferee-visa L1
The visa is applied for by the employer – by both sides, the sending and the receiving – and is attached to the employment contract. Aligned with the assignment contract.

Professional, trade and investor visas
Additional visas are assigned on an occupational group or activity basis and can include, as appropriate. in addition to direct employment, can also be used for the legalization of a posting. These include u.a. the treaty trader-visa (E1) and the treaty investor-visa (E2).

Living in Phoenix

Phoenix in the southwest of the USA is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. This is not only due to the economic climate, which is dominated by companies in the technology industry and IT development. Proximity to the Rocky Mountains also plays a major role in living in the city (in addition to its importance for tourism). Numerous recovery and excursion options have become established.

Insurance abroad – important for expatriates and employees

Expatriate insurance
Coverage as an expatriate and as an employee abroad is of particular importance. Many basic insurance benefits, which are mainly covered by the German social and health insurance system, are not (sufficiently) covered by the American health care system and have to be insured additionally. In addition, expatriates are usually insured by the sending company and thus benefits are already predefined. Here, it should be checked whether the insurance coverage is sufficient or whether additional expenses are to be expected. If you are working in Phoenix, depending on the duration you are aiming for, you may no longer be insured in Germany. Benefits that are not covered by the expatriate insurance have to be paid by the company in the work context and by the expatriate in a purely private context. In this area of conflict, companies are called upon to ensure an optimal relationship between premiums and benefits. This is the only way to act in an economically optimal way and at the same time not to risk any gaps in care for the employees.


Phoenix usa


Often accident insurances, which were guaranteed by the company health insurance in Germany, cannot be taken abroad. During the stay in Phoenix, compensatory solutions should be found for this, so that the insurance coverage does not break off.

As an employee in Phoenix
If you are directly employed in Phoenix, you are generally confronted with a different insurance situation. But the right health insurance often plays a role here as well. This is because, in addition to the benefits provided by the company and the benefits provided under social legislation in the event of illness, additional costs often have to be covered separately.
Insurance should be in favor of this:

  • Provide balancing coverage levels
  • optimally not only in the USA, but at least for short-term trips to a third country also apply
  • in the scope of services meet the most probable requirements
  • Ideally cover additional costs

We provide competent and experienced support in choosing the right expatriate insurance and international insurance for your work activities.

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