For a carefree vacation

For a carefree vacation

Anyone planning a trip should also think about appropriate coverage for possible risks that could cause trouble or unexpected costs.

Vacation should actually be the most beautiful time of the year. But instead of rest and relaxation, various incidents can cause stress and trouble. However, some inconveniences can be avoided by taking out the right insurance policy.

Good travel planning saves difficulties and sometimes expensive surprises. Travelers should therefore find out about and apply for any necessary vaccinations, documents and IDs such as passports and visas in good time. Information about the entry requirements, but also about the security situation in the planned vacation country, can be found, for example, on the website of the Foreign Office.

Which vacation souvenirs may be brought back to Germany without hesitation and which goods are duty-free, you can find out by phone (0351 44834510) or by e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots! JavaScript must be enabled to view! ) at the customs administration or also online at the Federal Ministry of Finance. Some risks, such as an accident or a sudden illness shortly before or during the trip, can not be avoided, but with a suitable insurance, the holidaymaker gets a quick help and is also not stuck with possible additional costs.

If the trip cannot be carried out

A travel resignation insurance takes over for example depending upon contract agreement the cancellation costs, if a planned vacation must be canceled at the last moment for important reasons, for example because of a suffered accident. If travel interruption is also insured, the additional expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the contract agreement in the event of a necessary interruption of the trip that has already begun.

This can be, for example, return flight costs, but also cancellation fees for already booked but no longer used travel services such as excursions and accommodation. The risks that are covered by travel cancellation or interruption insurance, for example in the event of unexpected serious illness or burglary in the traveler's home, can be found in the insurance conditions of the respective policy.

A foreign travel health insurance covers the necessary expenses for outpatient or inpatient care in case of an illness occurring during the trip or in case of an accident. Depending on the terms of the policy, it also covers any necessary return transport of the patient to Germany.

Travelling by car

Most motor insurers offer their customers assistance services in addition to their motor insurance or in a separate cover policy in the form of immediate assistance in the event of a breakdown, accident or theft. For example, depending on the contract agreement, the costs and organization for towing the vehicle, a vehicle repatriation or the return trip of the fellow passengers in case the driver is unavailable will be covered. Car travelers should also request a green insurance card from their motor vehicle liability insurer in good time.

Some insurers also automatically send the green card with the motor vehicle policy. It is the internationally recognized proof that a car is properly insured. Since motor vehicle liability coverage may be limited to certain countries depending on the contract agreement, you should check with your motor vehicle insurer beforehand to make sure that your own car is covered for the trip to your desired destination. This applies, for example, to trips to Russia, Turkey, Iran, Israel, Morocco and Tunisia.

Within the European Union, the license plate number is proof that a valid insurance policy exists, but traffic controls often still require the driver to show his or her green card. It should therefore also be carried when traveling to EU countries. In some countries, such as Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina or Macedonia, it is even required by law.

The right protection for at home and on vacation

There are insurance policies that are important not only in everyday life, but also when traveling and, depending on the agreed scope, are also valid in the vacation country. This includes private liability insurance. It covers possible claims for pain and suffering or damages by a third party if the insured person caused the damage negligently, and also fends off unjustified claims. Depending on the contract agreement, private liability insurance may even be valid worldwide.

It also makes sense to have legal protection insurance for a trip that is valid in Germany and, depending on the area of validity, also in the country of vacation. This helps the insured to claim their right, for example, to make their own claims for damages if they have been harmed by another person. Contractual legal protection, which is often included in a private legal protection policy, also makes it possible to sue for lost vacation enjoyment if necessary, for example if the description in the travel brochure does not match the reality at the vacation destination.

More information on what other insurance policies can be useful on vacation, what to look for when planning your vacation and what to do if something unexpected happens on your trip is available in the free brochure "Travel without risk – properly insured on vacation". It can be downloaded online from the Information Center of German Insurers, but can also be ordered by phone at 0800 7424375. For an individually suitable travel protection a consultation with an insurance expert is recommended.

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