Corona case overshadows bbl cup - clubs' fan worries

A corona case at defending champion alba berlin has shown german basketball the imponderables of a potentially turbulent season right at the first high point.

Because a player of the champions tested positive for the corona virus on saturday, the capital club's opening match in the cup against braunschweig had to be canceled.

Spicy nude scenes: penelope cruz said no

Spanish actress penelope cruz (44) says she got a lot of strength from saying no to a role offer.

She was "barely 20" when she was offered a rough film in hollywood. At a meeting in los angeles, however, she was presented with completely new documents, "with a few extremely spicy nude scenes that were not in the script," as she told the magazine "madame".

ace: why the stockheim school furniture manufacturer wants to cut staff

One rough wish was not granted to ulrich spreen: when the stockheim-based company ASS decided to cut 21 jobs in october 2013, the union secretary of IG metall coburg hoped that this would at least help the company for furnishing systems to recover economically – and that no more jobs would be put at risk. Almost five years later the time has come again. "Due to the slump in orders in one of the business units, there will be adjustments at the personnel level", silke stegner, who is responsible for marketing, sales and human resources at ASS as a member of the management team, confirmed this to our editorial team when asked.

Not compensable

The number of jobs involved was not disclosed in the written response. According to FT information, however, the number of jobs to be cut will be between 40 and 50. It is unclear exactly which area of the business is affected. According to stegner, however, this area had suffered such high losses that they could not be compensated for by the gains made by the core areas in stockheim. Savings are therefore necessary, argues the family-owned company founded in 1937. The core business of educational furniture – i.E. Chairs, tables, blackboards or whiteboards for schools – is not affected. ASS is even planning an increase in sales in this division for fiscal year 2018 and also wants to focus more strongly on this in the future.

The pulse beats in the sign of the italian election

The pro-europe action "pulse of europe will take place in forchheim on sunday, 4. March, at 2 p.M. On the market square under the motto "azzuro in the sky". In contrast to many other of the 150 or so "pulse-of-europe" cities-cities in europe does not pause the action in forchheim even in the most adverse weather conditions.
50 to 60 europe-friends recently stood for europe even in snow and rain. "Europe doesn't always make it easy, but the sign for europe is important", says emmerich huber, initiator in forchheim. He hopes that the weather forecast will be right and that the first sunday in march will not be as cold as the last few days with a bright blue sky. This time, one of the topics will be the parliamentary elections in italy, which will take place on the same day. Thomas silberhorn (CSU), member of the bundestag for bamberg and forchheim, has announced that he will be a guest on sunday with a statement on europe and the EU.
"Pulse of europe" wants to make a loud commitment to european cooperation, solidarity and democracy, and on the 4th of march to the european union. Marz to give the european powers in italy a boost. The organizers call on all the people of forchheim to set a sign for the cohesion of europe and common values with their mere presence. The gathering in the sign of europe itself is the program. In addition, all citizens are invited to share their opinions, experiences and lessons learned with and in europe. Who has, should bring europe-flags – this time maybe also the italy-flag. We will start as always with the europe anthem – no matter what the weather is like.

Ribery tempted to later move to the usa or emirates

"I would be tempted to go to a country like the USA or even the emirates again. But that I was already not paid to my actual career," said the 30-year-old french national player the "kicker".

Last summer, ribery extended his contract with munich until 2017 and reaffirmed his commitment to the german record champion: "there is no other club for me in europe." a change to another part of the earth was "simply a bonus".

Kosovo bans serbian president from entering the country

This is what the albanian-led kosovo government decided, according to media reports. The third largest party in the kosovo parliament, vetevendosje (self-government), announced the blockade of the serbian monastery of decani in western kosovo for the holiday.

"I will not be ordered around by pristina. They will not decide whether i can travel to our kosovo!", nikolic declared on saturday in the belgrade newspaper "kurir" emport. "That's why I have to change my position on brussel," he said, without elaboration.

It's actually a bit ironic when the bavarian state ministry of justice writes: "with our crime evenings, we want to make it clear: living in bavaria means living safely." that is certainly true. And to celebrate, the ministry has invited a man who came into the game, when it was not safe enough, the beautiful jubilaums-bavaria: prof. Wolfgang eisenmenger.

Eisenmenger worked as a forensic physician from 1972 to 2009, is today chairman of the ethics committee of the medical faculty of the ludwig-maximilian-university of munich, and is considered one of the most renowned representatives of his discipline. Thorsten otto, presenter, known from bayern 3, comes directly to the black: "the 25,000 corpses that they have dissected …!"

tonnies case: dfb ethics committee waives proceedings

The controversial africa cleanings, which have now also been deemed "racist" by the DFB ethics committee, will not have any consequences for schalke's supervisory board chairman, clemens tonnies, at least from the german soccer association's side.

The committee waives proceedings against the 63-year-old meat manufacturer. "The decision not to press charges is based first of all on the fact that during the detailed hearing and questioning, mr. Tonnies was able to convincingly convey that he is not a racist," the ethics committee announced.

E-bikes are on the rise. You can see them in the city, in the countryside and on many cycle paths. More and more people are enjoying e-mobility on two wheels. And that has nothing to do with comfort. The electric bikes are practical in everyday life, sustainable for the environment and facilitate the movement for young and old.

Not all e-bikes are the same. Bicycles with electric drive are divided into two product categories: pedelecs and e-bikes. Pedelecs only support when you pedal. In contrast, e-bikes can also be ridden without pedal support. Generally, more pedelecs than e-bikes are sold on the market. The term stands for pedal electric cycle – that is, the bike moves only by the pedal assistance. E-bikes, on the other hand, can also be operated at the push of a button without having to use the pedals.

Thomas unger is now elected chairman of the Upper Franconian district

Thomas unger remains upper franconian district chairman of the bavarian football association (BFV) for the next four years. In january, the BFV board appointed konradsreuth as the successor to karlheinz bram, who had resigned – now the delegates of the district parliament have also placed their trust in unger. The vote in the fichtelgebirgshalle in wunsiedel was unanimous – also because there was no combat vote.

Of 176 delegates, 156 voted for unger, two against. In addition, 18 voters abstained. "I am satisfied with the course of the district council and my result", said unger. "Now we have to do everything together that will bring the district forward." into the "common he also involved manfred neumeister. The chairman of the bamberg/bayreuth district had emphasized several times in advance that it was an option for him to run against unger in the election. But shortly before the district assembly and after several hours of talks with unger in recent weeks, neumeister decided against running for office. "It became clear that running for office would have been the wrong signal", says neumeister. "The big loser would have been fubball in upper franconia." hollfeld also sees his non-candidacy as a vote of confidence. "We now have to live together in the district."