Kosovo bans serbian president from entering the country

Kosovo bans serbian president from entering the country

This is what the albanian-led kosovo government decided, according to media reports. The third largest party in the kosovo parliament, vetevendosje (self-government), announced the blockade of the serbian monastery of decani in western kosovo for the holiday.

"I will not be ordered around by pristina. They will not decide whether i can travel to our kosovo!", nikolic declared on saturday in the belgrade newspaper "kurir" emport. "That's why I have to change my position on brussel," he said, without elaboration.

The once extreme nationalist nikolic is hated in kosovo, which is almost exclusively inhabited by albanians, because he was one of the serbian wirepullers in the civil war a decade and a half ago. At that time, serbian soldiers and paramilitaries had expelled some 800,000 albanians from kosovo.

The opposition vetevendosje party will close the entrance to the medieval serbian monastery of decani on monday, which the serbs in kosovo also celebrate as the first day of christmas according to the old julian calendar. This was to prevent serbs from serbia from taking part in the christmas celebrations there, the party announced in pristina on saturday. Decani, like the monastery of gracanica, is a symbolic serbian monastery. Both are on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage sites.

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