Flat tire? How to react correctly!

Flat tire? How to react correctly!

If the tire is flat, you can hear it in the driving noises and notice the fiasco when steering. Now you should not become hectic under any circumstances, but act very prudently and calmly. Fewest accidents occur due to flat tire. When it "crashes", it's usually due to a wrong reaction on the part of the driver.

Step-by-step instructions on how to deal with punctures

If you have a flat tire, turn on your hazard lights and slowly move your vehicle to the right edge of the roadway. If your car has a flat tire on the highway, special care is required if you are currently on the left or middle lane of the highway.

  • Switch on the hazard warning lights.
  • Brake only carefully and avoid jerky steering movements when driving to the right.
  • Be aware of traffic behind you before exiting the vehicle.
  • Put on the high-visibility vest.
  • Place the warning triangle 10 m behind your vehicle in built-up areas, 50 m outside built-up areas and 150 m behind your vehicle on the freeway.
  • Change the tire – OR – call the breakdown service.
  • Do not wait in the car, but at a safe distance from the roadway.

Your car has a flat tire on the highway?

As already mentioned, you should take extra care in the event of a flat tire on the highway. Do not try to drive to the next parking lot, but steer your vehicle onto the right shoulder and carry out the measures listed above.

Which mistakes you should avoid in case of punctures

If you've never changed a tire before, don't use the blowout as an excuse to try it for the first time. Because if you don't succeed in changing a tire, you'll have to call a breakdown service anyway. If a lane-side tire is defective and there is insufficient clearance from moving traffic, it's also best to leave the repair of the flat tire to a professional. If the handbrake is not applied, the car can come off the jack and enter the traffic without your intervention. If the wheel nuts are not loosened until the car is jacked up, the car can also come loose and, in the worst case, fall on your foot.

Danger to life in the event of a flat tire on the highway!

If you want to store your car tires without rims, you should store them upright and rotate them a little from time to time. Then nothing can happen to your car tires and their properties remain unchanged.


Flat tire – how far can you drive with a flat tire??

On the internet you can find quite different information about how far you are still allowed to drive after a flat tire on the highway or on the country road. Do not let yourself be misled by information that tells you of an unproblematic trip of up to 80 kilometers. Because the plate is a safety hazard for you and for other road users. Immediately drive to the right-hand side of the lane! When driving on for a long time, the tire can catch fire, jump off the rim and the rim itself is also destroyed.

Who helps with a flat tire?

With a spare tire, the right tools and a little know-how you can help yourself in case of a flat tire. In all other cases, call a roadside assistance service and have the tire changed professionally or get towed to the nearest garage. If you have a flat tire on the highway, always leave the roadside assistance to a professional AND don't forget to set up the warning triangle.

It is better to call the automobile club or a specialized garage – towing service?

As a member of an automobile club, you should call it. If you are not a member, the nearest specialist garage or nearby towing service provider is the best and cheapest option. Your car has a flat tire on the highway? Then it's best to contact the nearest towing service.

Who pays the towing costs in case of a flat tire?

As a member of an automobile club or an insurance policyholder with a protection letter, you do not have to pay for the services and towing after a flat tire yourself. If you commission a garage to collect your car from the scene of the damage, you will have to pay for the service in advance, but you will usually be reimbursed by your insurance company. Without a letter of protection and without membership in an automobile club, you bear the costs for assistance with the flat tire yourself.

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