Who pays the costs in the event of motor vehicle damage?


Who pays the costs in the event of motor vehicle damage?


After a traffic accident, a so-called expert usually examines the car and determines the amount of damage as well as other claims. But not always the cost of the survey is covered by insurance.

A motor vehicle appraisal serves as a basis for the motor vehicle insurance company to estimate the amount of damage incurred. It quantifies, among other things, the necessary repair costs and gives the amount of other claims such as depreciation, compensation for use etc. to. An expert opinion will also determine if it is economically worthwhile to repair or if it is a total loss. At the same time, the adjuster keeps detailed records of all damage so that his or her findings can serve as evidence and be used in a potential legal dispute.

Who appoints the motor vehicle assessor ?

Who appoints the appraiser or. depends on whether the accident was caused by third party or own fault and whether the car involved in the accident has third party or comprehensive insurance. In the event of an accident for which the other party is responsible, the matter is clear-cut: the expert is commissioned by the opposing vehicle's liability insurance company on behalf of the injured party. Urgent caution is needed here! The assumption is that appraisers acting on behalf of the opposing insurance company also represent the interests of the insurance company.

As an injured party, however, you also have the right to call in an independent expert yourself. In the event of an accident caused by someone else, it is always advisable to call in your own expert.

In the case of an accident caused by oneself, damage due to force majeure (z.B. weather) or vandalism, comprehensive insurance is required in order to obtain settlement from the insurance company at all. As a rule, the latter then commissions an expert. Again, an independent appraiser may be hired, but this is not paid by the insurance company. The regulations on this are in the insurance contract of the comprehensive insurance. If there are differences in the two appraisals, expert proceedings are initiated.

Who pays the automotive expert?

The cost of an accident report is usually dependent on the amount of damage and usually costs several hundred euros. Who pays the expert opinion depends on the question of guilt.

– In the case of an accident with third-party fault, i.e. in which the injured party is not partly to blame: The opposing party's motor vehicle liability insurance must bear the entire costs incurred by the injured party. In addition to the expert costs, this also includes possible lawyer's fees, the amount of the damage, the reduction in value and a compensation for use for the period of the breakdown.

– If the injured party is partly to blame for the accident, he must also bear part of the costs for the expert opinion. The costs are dependent on the amount of the contributory negligence.
– If one reports damage to one's own car (z.B. by own fault or force majeure) of his own comprehensive insurance, the own insurance company commissions its own motor vehicle assessor. The costs of the expert are then taken over by the insurance company.
– If one commissions a motor vehicle assessor for one's own car without prior agreement with the insurance company or in order to have a counter-assessment made, one must pay for the costs of the assessment oneself.

What is recorded in the expert opinion?

– The amount of damage or. the repair costs of the vehicle involved in the accident

– The replacement value or. the value of the vehicle before the accident occurred.

– A reduction in value or. the loss in value of a vehicle as a result of the repair, as the vehicle can usually no longer be described as accident-free

– The expected repair time or. Replacement period of an equivalent vehicle

– The amount of the loss of use. For professionals such as z.B. a cab driver means the loss of his vehicle a higher economic damage than this would be with the use vehicle for private purposes the case.

– If applicable, a residual value of the vehicle involved in the accident. The determination of a residual value depends on the amount of the damage.

How to find a suitable appraiser?

Many injured parties are not aware that not all experts are the same. In principle, experts and vehicle appraisers are not protected terms. In principle, anyone can become a motor vehicle assessor, which is why the offer on the market is relatively unregulated. However, there are some legally protected terms and clues that can help to find the appropriate assistance.

Qualified experts should always be certified by a trustworthy institution. This includes, for example, certification by TuV-Rheinland, for which prospective experts have to pass a training process and examinations over several months. Certifications are important because the form and credibility of an expert opinion also determine whether the insurance company will readily accept the amount of the loss. This applies in particular in the event that a claim is heard in court.

The preliminary and further training of the expert also plays a role that should not be underestimated. A motor vehicle assessor should have a master craftsman, technician or engineer's training in a field of motor vehicle technology. In case of dispute, the latter must be able to discuss why z.B. An ultrasonic sensor has to be replaced, although it is apparently not damaged.

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