Tricity 300: yamaha launches three-wheeled scooter for adults

Many car drivers find it difficult to switch to a maneuverable and economical scooter. Yamaha's new Tricity 300 three-wheeled scooter is designed to make that step easier in several ways.

Third wheel on the front axle

Yamaha will launch its Tricity 300 three-wheeled scooter, which debuted at the EICMA motorcycle show in late 2019, in July at prices starting at 8.400 euros officially on the market in Germany. After the Niken motorcycle and the Tricity 125, it is the third model from the Japanese company with a two-wheeled front axle and special tilting technology. The Tricity 300 is primarily intended to encourage drivers to make the switch, as it can also be driven by holders of a passenger car driver's license (Class B), provided they obtained this license before the age of 18. January 2013 was granted.


Tricity 300: yamaha launches three-wheeled scooter for adults


Among other things, the special handling of the Tricity 300 is intended to make the switch to a scooter easier. In contrast to the now in Europe 15.After the Tricity 125, which has been sold thousands of times, the 300 has a system that keeps the scooter upright when it stops. Thanks to its three wheels, it is also less tippy; especially when cornering, the front axle design provides extra stability and traction. The combined braking system with three disc brakes in conjunction with ABS and a traction control system is also conducive to safe driving behavior.

Hit the highway with the Tricity 300

With 21 kW/28 hp and 29 Newton meters, the engine output of the liquid-cooled single cylinder is within the usual range for this segment. According to Yamaha, the large Tricity is also suitable for longer freeway trips. Consumption is 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers. The ready-to-ride weight is 239 kilograms, slightly higher than three-wheeled competitors such as the Quadro QV3 (220 kg) and Piaggio MP3 300 (225 kg); the more powerful Peugeot and the Piaggio MP3 500, which is particularly popular in Germany, are 265 and. 275 kilos significantly heavier.

The Tricity 300 is equipped with an LCD instrument with temperature display, a compartment with space for two full-face helmets under the seat, as well as a 12-volt power socket and a smart key system.

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