The right coverage for your vacation

The right coverage for your vacation

So that also unpleasant surprises in the vacation do not become the financial problem, a suitable insurance protection helps.

Vacations do not always turn out the way you want them to. Whether it's an accident or illness just before or during a trip, or becoming the victim of a thief while on vacation, many things can quickly become an annoying and sometimes costly problem. However, many difficulties can be cushioned from the outset with the right insurance policies.

An accident, a sudden illness or an unexpected bankruptcy of the tour operator shortly before or during the trip, but also a breakdown, theft or other misfortunes on vacation can quickly become a financial disaster without coverage. Therefore, it is also important to be well and comprehensively insured with regard to the vacation.

If accident or illness destroy the vacation plans

One of the most important travel policies for a vacation abroad is travel health insurance. It is also strongly recommended by the association of statutory health insurers, the GKV-Spitzenverband, in all country-specific leaflets for vacationers. If a traveler falls ill or has an accident, he or she must pay all medical and hospital costs incurred in most non-European countries out of his or her own pocket, even if he or she has statutory health insurance.

Even when traveling abroad within the European Union, not all treatment costs are fully covered by the statutory health insurance within the framework of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which is normally available to all persons with statutory health insurance. A return transport from abroad, which can cost several thousand euros, is usually not paid by the statutory health insurance at all.

An existing foreign travel health insurance, on the other hand, covers the necessary expenses for outpatient and/or inpatient care abroad in the event of an illness occurring during the trip or in the event of an accident. If agreed in the policy, the costs of a necessary return transport to Germany will also be covered.

Should a trip be cancelled or interrupted

Travel cancellation and interruption insurance offers special cost protection for travelers. For example, anyone who is unable to start a booked vacation for important reasons shortly before the start of the trip must bear the sometimes high cancellation costs themselves without travel cancellation insurance.

An existing travel cancellation policy, on the other hand, will cover cancellation costs if the trip is not taken due to an insured reason such as an accident suffered, sudden illness, death of a close relative, or fire damage to the insured's home.

If such an incident occurs during the trip and the traveler wants to or has to break off his vacation and travel back because of it, he must pay, among other things, the expenses for the unscheduled return trip such as a separate return flight himself. The travel services that are no longer used, such as excursions, accommodation or the scheduled return travel costs, are not reimbursed either. An existing trip interruption insurance, which is often offered as a combination with a trip cancellation policy, covers such costs.

Assistance services in emergencies

Those who travel by car can benefit in emergencies from the financial and personal assistance services of an existing Schutzbrief policy. A cover letter, which can often be included in the motor vehicle insurance policy for a small additional charge, offers immediate assistance in the event of breakdown, illness, accident or theft at home or abroad, depending on the contract agreement.

If agreed in the protection policy, an interpreter will also be provided in the event of an insured emergency abroad, for example, or the protection policy holder will be helped if his papers and/or money are stolen while on vacation. If you are traveling on vacation with valuable belongings such as expensive sports and/or photographic equipment, it may be advisable to take out baggage insurance.

By the way: Many insurance policies such as car insurance, private liability, accident and/or legal protection insurance that cover everyday risks also apply to travelers. When traveling abroad, it is important in this regard that the area of coverage agreed upon in the policy, i.e., the area in which insurance coverage is provided, also includes the respective country of travel. For a needs-based coverage of a planned trip, a consultation with an insurance specialist is recommended.

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