The “konigsblatt” comes up trumps

May makes everything new – also at konigsbad. Punctual opening of the summer season on wednesday, 1. May, appears hot off the press the first issue of the wellness magazine "konigsblatt. It is available free of charge to visitors, who can also expect a number of other novelties in the open-air swimming pool park.
"The konigsbad in forchheim is to be presented to a wide audience as a wellness and health oasis worth reading and seeing beyond the borders of the city. The konigsblatt is intended to whet people's appetites for a "world of well-being" in our country, declares bader chief walter mirschberger.
In the twelve-page glossy magazine, readers get to know the blumlein family, who are already looking forward to splashing around in the pool again with the kids – and will discover that there is a new refreshment oasis this year: with a beer garden near the pool! In addition, one learns why saunas are also healthy in the summer and reads worth knowing about the humid fitness at the aqua-sport in the konigsbad. Of course, information about the summer events is also provided. Last but not least, the good spirits at the edge of the pool are introduced, who explain why they like doing their job where others have their free time.
The konigsblatt will be published for the summer and winter seasons and will be distributed not only to visitors but also to employees of local businesses and tourist information offices in the region.

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