The 7 best online banking features to simplify your life


The 7 best online banking features to simplify your life


Cuts out money management? If so, instead of chewing your teeth from month to month, what if you could alleviate some of that stress effortlessly? Online banking offers many benefits that can simplify the headache of money.

Let's dive right in and see how online banking can make your life easier.

Easy account creation

There was a time when the only way to open a bank account was in person. Nowadays it is possible to complete the registration process from start to finish without leaving home.


The 7 best online banking features to simplify your life


Depending on the bank, filling out the application forms can take less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is enter some details and send photocopies of the identification forms required by the bank. It may take a few more days or weeks for your account to be ready, but that is still to be expected.

The best part, however, is that once you create an account, even more accounts are available easier to create because the bank already has the necessary information in its database. With multiple accounts, transferring money between them is often free and without delay.

Electronic statements

Traditional accounts are disrupting on two fronts. First, they clog up your physical mailbox unnecessarily. Secondly, they are an enormous waste of paper. The Future is Here – Your Guide to a Paperless Life Today The Future is Here – Your Guide to a Paperless Life Today paperless – a term that is often used these days. But what does it mean? And to what extent does it apply? Of course, despite progress, we all still use paper… Continue Reading. You may not care too much about this second point, but for the most part, paper invoices have become a cluttered affair.


The 7 best online banking features to simplify your life


Of course, switching to email instructions can still lead to digital clutter, but deleting an email is much easier than shredding paper. Plus with apps like Google Inbox Google Inbox Review: Fresh Air Google Inbox Review: Fresh Air Gmail is a household name in the email department, but Google wasn't happy with it. Learn about the Google inbox, a new way to address emails. Read more, it's nice to be able to receive and read your bill reminders wherever you are.

Worst case scenario: if you need a paper record for a particular calculation, you can always print it out. There are no good reasons not to switch to electronic statements as soon as possible. What are you waiting for?

Automatic bill payments

How many invoices do you pay each month? For most of us, the answer is "too many". You have rent/mortgage, utilities, car loans, various types of insurance, student loans and all the other subscriptions and enrollments in your life. That's a lot of cash, even if it comes once a month.


The 7 best online banking features to simplify your life


At most online banks you can link your bills directly to your account and have them paid on time automatically. For every invoice you create, this is one less thing you have to juggle every month. It can mean a lot less stress.

One important drawback: automatic bill pay should only be used if your bank balance is more than enough to pay all your bills at any given time. This requires discipline in terms of your budget. Simply frugal: How to learn personal finance the easy way Simply frugal: How to learn personal finance the easy way Do you regularly worry about bills and debts? Feel lost when others speak with financial languages? Here's the good news: it's never too late to learn about money. Read more . If you live paycheck to paycheck, manual bill payments are the best way to avoid accidental overdrafts.

Mobile check deposits

Many banks offer a feature called Mobile Check Deposits, but the exact name may vary from bank to bank. The concept is simple: instead of visiting your local bank branch to deposit a check, you can do it from home by uploading a photo of the check (front and back)..


The 7 best online banking features to simplify your life


The only thing you need to do is a mobile deposit app, which you should find in the App Store or Play Store. Be careful that you download a legitimate one! You do not want to send your check photos to a malicious third party. Again, make sure your bank offers this feature before trying it out.

Secure message notifications

One of the better reasons to bank online is that you can receive notifications in real time. These notifications can sometimes be trivial or annoying, but they can also save your life. For example, you can be notified when:

  • Transactions are completed or rejected,
  • A bill payment date is approaching,
  • Your bank balance reaches a set target amount,
  • Details of your account have been changed,
  • There have been failed attempts to log into your account.

If something suspicious happens on your account, it's extremely helpful to receive an alert immediately, as waiting too long can have disastrous consequences. That being said, even trivial alerts can be helpful in the right situations.

Reporting and management tools

Before online banking, it was not quite easy to retrieve reports and summaries for your account activities. Depending on the bank, there may even be a fee associated with retrieving this information. However, with online banking, it's always just a click away.


The 7 best online banking features to simplify your life


Some banks are better than others in this regard. Most of them offer at least a transaction history, but the best ones offer advanced features such as creating categories and showing the expenses for each category (e.g. B. Bills, entertainment, emergency, etc.)..

Desktop software integration

If you use Quicken to create a budget and erase debt with Quicken Online? How to create a budget and wipe the debt with Quicken Online? Continue reading (or one of several Quicken alternatives. 5 Free Financial Software Alternatives To Speed Up. 5 Free Financial Software Alternatives To better manage money, online banking can make this area of your life even easier. As long as your bank supports your tool, you should be able to seamlessly integrate your bank account with the desktop software you use.


The 7 best online banking features to simplify your life


Integration can be a direct link between your bank account and your software. If not, you can export the transaction history as a file download (usually in CSV format) and import it into such software.

Final thoughts

In addition to what we've said here, there are a few more reasons to start banking online. 6 Reasons Why You Should Bank Online If You're Not Already [Opinion] Aren't You Already [Opinion] How do you usually do your banking?? Drive to your bank? Wait in long lines to deposit just one check? Receive monthly account statements? File these… Read More. There is a measurable increase in convenience, so much so that you have some room to take a step back and take a deep breath regarding your money.

A quick note: There is a little bit of extra risk in online banking because in banking (no pun intended) you use all your security for passwords, but as long as you use good security habits, change your bad habits and your data will be more secure. Change your bad habits and your data is safer Read more and use two-factor authentication. What is two-factor authentication and why you should use it? What is two-factor authentication? Why you should use it? Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security method This requires two different ways to prove your identity. It is frequently used in everyday life. For example, paying with a credit card doesn't just require the card, you shouldn't have any problems there. If you can't log in to your bank account, here are a few tips. Can't log in to your bank account? Try these tips You can't log in to your bank account? Try these tips There is always a time when there is a technological reason why you can't log into your bank account. If so, hopefully these steps will help you solve it. Read more to help you.

Which online banking features do you like best? Or if you don't use online banking, what's stopping you from taking the dive? Let us know in the comments below!

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