Private health insurance – rates for doctors

Private health insurance - rates for doctors

For doctors and medical students, the switch to private health insurance is worthwhile

Attention doctors, dentists or medical students! The private insurance companies usually have particularly favorable medical rates up their sleeves for medical professionals. This means: You receive private health care at a preferential price (up to 30% savings potential). Physicians in particular know that there are differences in benefits between public and private health insurance plans. In the following, you can find out in detail why a switch to private health insurance is particularly worthwhile for your occupational group.

Benefit from better PKV services as a medical doctor

A good health insurance is essential in case of illness. Straight physicians know that the legal health insurance differs from the private health insurance. Because the benefits are not the same. Z. B. it is in the case of expensive dental treatments (implants, crowns, etc.) a great advantage when the high cost of dentures is covered for the most part by private health insurance.
Here are a few examples from the PKV benefits catalog:

  • 100% reimbursement for medicines, dressings and remedies
  • Financial participation in alternative healing methods
  • Up to 100% reimbursement for dental prostheses (inlays, implants, crowns)
  • High co-payments for visual aids
  • Worldwide protection abroad (incl. Return transport with accompanying person) (
  • Refund premiums when benefits are not used
  • Possibility of a deductible

Which benefits should be included in your PKV tariff, you can of course decide for yourself. Whether visual aids, dental prostheses or non-medical practitioners – you choose which benefits are particularly important to you based on your state of health. A great advantage of private health insurance is that the once agreed benefits may be neither reduced nor canceled. They are valid for the entire contract period. Unfortunately, this is different with the statutory health insurance.

This is why medical rates are so favorable

Medical professionals are considered a separate professional group by insurers. That means doctors don't have to help pay for the risks of other professions in their rates through cross-subsidies. In addition, according to statistics, doctors incur fewer medical expenses overall. This may be due to the fact that they live a particularly health-conscious lifestyle. Another reason may be that they can treat themselves for some diseases due to their expertise. Finally, it is not uncommon among colleagues to treat each other more favorably.

Because doctors usually cost the insurance company less, they can offer them the particularly favorable doctors' rates. Insurers differentiate between general practitioners, dentists and medical students. This is how to find rates on the insurance market that are up to 30% cheaper than regular insurance rates. The good thing is that these often apply to your non-social family members as well. For this reason it is worthwhile for most physicians to change to a private tariff.

The amount of the tariff depends on the following factors: Age, state of health and desired benefits. It is important to carefully compare the rates offered on the insurance market. After all, what good is an extremely favorable tariff if it doesn't include the benefits you actually need in the end??

Here's how the switch works for doctors and fledgling vets

As a medical professional, you generally have the choice of how you want to be insured. Although the compulsory insurance limit also applies to physicians in salaried employment (2019: 60.750 EUR), but this does not pose a problem for many doctors. As a practicing physician with your own practice, you can opt for private health insurance regardless of your income. And even as a medical student, it is possible to switch to private health insurance without any problems during the first three months of study.

Anyone who wants to switch to private health insurance must first undergo a health examination. You will not be spared from this even if you are a doctor. To do this, you need to fill out a health questionnaire. Be sure to answer questions truthfully! The result of the health test decides whether you are admitted to private health insurance. Also, you may be required to pay a risk surcharge due to pre-existing conditions. For doctors, however, this health check is often simplified. The chance that you will be offered a private health insurance contract is therefore very high.

And even if you're already in private health insurance, sometimes it pays to switch. By comparing rates, you can find out whether there might be a cheaper rate with better conditions. The insurance brokers of VUMAK GmbH have the possibility of an anonymous risk request, so your name remains unnamed in the comparison.

Short summary of the most important advantages

  • Favorable physician tariffs (savings potential of up to 30%)
  • Favorable rates for medical students
  • Better and individually selectable benefits
  • No cuts or cancellations of benefits during the contract period
  • possibility of insuring family members at favorable rates.

Independent rate comparison from the insurance expert

On the Internet you can find many PKV comparisons (z. B. Stiftung Warentest). In these the individual test winners are presented. Unfortunately, these test results are of little use to you as a physician, because you will hardly find a comparison for special tariffs, such as doctors' tariffs. However, comparing is enormously important before buying insurance. Only in this way can you be sure that the chosen PKV tariff is favorable and also really suits you. Save yourself the time and have this done by a professional. Contact a free insurance broker of VUMAK GmbH for this purpose. Make a comprehensive and, what is more, free tariff comparison for you. He will also be happy to advise you if you have any further questions about private health insurance. Simply get in touch – in person on site, by phone or online.

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