In the trial at the district court of bamberg concerning several unexplained deaths in the senior citizens' residence schloss gleusdorf (municipality of untermerzbach), the home supervisory authority at the district office of habberge had its say. It turned out that significant deficiencies were reported by staff only with and after the start of media reporting. The home supervisory authority, in any case, was surprised by the serious accusations, according to its own statements.

Why did the employees of the home remain silent for at least five years, even though terrible things are said to have happened right before their eyes?? Why did they not report the incidents to the home supervisor, who then informed the public prosecutor's office?? The first case, which appears in the indictment as negligent homicide by omission, occurred in 2011. But only after some caregivers had been informed, they turned to the home supervisor at the district office habberge. However, they insisted on remaining anonymous: "they told me they were afraid and financially dependent, the court heard from a witness. However, this statement probably did not refer to the fear of losing one's job, since there is a glaring shortage of skilled workers.

With an implant as a dental prosthesis, one decides for the highest quality restoration. A single tooth can be replaced, several gaps can be closed, or the entire edentulous jaw can be restored.

There are various concepts available in modern implantology to restore the dentition aesthetically and functionally, depending on the initial situation.

These 7 important questions you should ask yourself before your trip to southeast asia!

Southeast Asia is for me one of the most magical regions on earth. The countries here are full of stunning beaches, historic temples, lush green jungles and unique cities.

My Southeast Asia travels in the last few years have taken me to , , Singapore, , and . Destinations and countries that could not be more different. I have learned a lot and gained a lot of experiences that I never really thought about before.

You have the feeling that you or your family member is showing the first signs of dementia and you do not know what to do next? The neurologist Dr. med. Peter Hoffacker explains what to look out for now.

Suspicion of dementia - this is what you have to face now

Indications of dementia

"In particular, short-term memory and retentiveness are affected from an early stage of the disease," says Dr. med. Peter Hoffacker. Long-term memory is retained longer, so patients often forget appointments while recounting detailed stories from their childhood and youth. Loss of spatial orientation is also common, which can cause the person to get lost.

The Gold Coast in Australia: Some love it, some hate it – and yes, we don't quite agree on what to think of it either.

On the one hand, the miles of sandy beaches left us speechless, on the other hand, we found the huge skyline on the beach a bit too much of a good thing. Nevertheless we had a really great time on the Gold Coast.

Take out occupational disability insurance despite osteoarthritis: this is how it works!

Osteoarthritis and other joint conditions can be a reason for occupational disability. Especially in the advanced stages, swelling, pain and restrictions due to reduced mobility and lack of strength can mean that occupational activities can only be performed to a reduced extent or not at all.

Many people with osteoarthritis disease and a concluded occupational disability insurance are in the situation that the occupational disability should be recognized in the next step, because the "benefit case" has occurred.

Private health insurance - rates for doctors

For doctors and medical students, the switch to private health insurance is worthwhile

Attention doctors, dentists or medical students! The private insurance companies usually have particularly favorable medical rates up their sleeves for medical professionals. This means: You receive private health care at a preferential price (up to 30% savings potential). Physicians in particular know that there are differences in benefits between public and private health insurance plans. In the following, you can find out in detail why a switch to private health insurance is particularly worthwhile for your occupational group.

Behind the wheel in flip-flops and swimwear

Can you drive barefoot? And what about flip-flops, high heels or rubber boots?? The legal situation is clear – you are allowed a, and yet the wrong footwear increases the risk of an accident.

Many car drivers find it difficult to switch to a maneuverable and economical scooter. Yamaha's new Tricity 300 three-wheeled scooter is designed to make that step easier in several ways.

Third wheel on the front axle

Yamaha will launch its Tricity 300 three-wheeled scooter, which debuted at the EICMA motorcycle show in late 2019, in July at prices starting at 8.400 euros officially on the market in Germany. After the Niken motorcycle and the Tricity 125, it is the third model from the Japanese company with a two-wheeled front axle and special tilting technology. The Tricity 300 is primarily intended to encourage drivers to make the switch, as it can also be driven by holders of a passenger car driver's license (Class B), provided they obtained this license before the age of 18. January 2013 was granted.

In the Corona pandemic, it's parking instead of driving for many people. The spacious office has been exchanged for the compact home office and the car is only used for really important trips. Fewer drivers on the roads also means fewer accidents and fewer miles driven in a year. So is there maybe money back from the car insurance company?

Special case corona | money back from car insurance

Reimbursement in the crisis

Some drivers could benefit from the crisis and get money from their insurance company. Current statistics show that the number of traffic accidents has decreased in the past year. This concerns the time of the first lockdown. After another lockdown in Germany, some companies promise to give their policyholders a share of the cost savings.