How to use a ryko automatic carwash


How to use a ryko automatic carwash


If you are wondering how to use a Ryko car wash, you have come to the right place. While this article is based on the Ryko Ultrasonic 2001 overhead model, the user/driver experience is similar to many Ryko carwash models.

Remember, while you might just show up and try to figure out how to operate the car wash yourself, it's important to know how to use a car wash ahead of time so you get the most efficient and safest experience out of your wash.

Part 1 of 2: Understand the type

If you are not sure how automatic car washes work, it may be difficult to understand how to use a Ryko overhead system. Follow the steps below to get an overview of how automatic washing systems work.

Step 1: Learn the main car wash types. The two most common automatic car washes are "rollovers" and "Conveyor".

Turn over car washes are the most common type of automatic car wash. These "rollovers" – or "tunnel -Washes require your vehicle to remain stationary while automatic brushes, hoses and cleaners roll over your car.

Conveyor car washes are the second most common type of automatic car wash. These transport washes require you to move your vehicle under fixed spray arcs, each performing a different task, such as rinsing or spraying your car with detergent. Conveyor systems use tracks that catch your tires and pull your car through the wash.

Step 2: Learn how a Ryko van wash works. Ryko carwashes are a combination of rollover and conveyor technology.

This is mainly due to their innovative use of an ultrasonic vehicle detection system. While this car wash uses spray arcs, these arcs will travel to the appropriate spot near your vehicle, using ultrasonic technology to locate your vehicle.

During the drying phase, you must drive your car slowly through a drying tunnel. Because of this unique combination of methods, it can be easy for a user to get confused without doing a little research.

Part 2 of 2: How to operate and use a ryko ultrasonic 2001 overhead carwash

Now that you understand how a Ryko car wash works, it's time to review the step-by-step instructions prior to the wash cycle.

Step 1: Pull up to the payment kiosk This station or kiosk is equipped with Ryko's AMTT CS touchscreen, which automatically turns on when your vehicle approaches.

The screen provides options and helps you choose a package.

Step 2: Enter the wash area. When the screen instructs you, drive forward slowly and enter the wash area.

Step 3: Let the ultrasonic vehicle detection system locate your vehicle. A few minutes after entering the car wash, the car wash will locate your vehicle.

Step 4: Stop when the buzzer goes off. Once the system checks the location of your car, you will hear a loud buzzer.

Your car will be treated with detergents and washed.

Step 5: Drive through the dry tunnel. The system instructs you to move forward and drive through the dry tunnel.

Dryers will run over the rest of your vehicle as you exit the tunnel. Your car may still be a little wet on the surface when it goes out, which usually stops with natural condensation, depending on the weather and climate of your area.

A Ryko car wash is a great way to clean your car, and you should feel more comfortable with the process now that you're familiar with how they work. If you have questions about abnormalities you notice after using a car wash, or if you have concerns about the health of your car, contact a mechanic for advice on solving your problem.

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