Community fishing for people with disabilities


Community fishing for people with disabilities


Fishing can be pursued into old age despite impairments. Participants appreciate the community and the experience in the great outdoors. Fishing is for many people a piece of quality of life that should not be underestimated. Photo: Olaf Lindner, DAFV

With 20 participants from 6 associations this year's DAFV community fishing for people with disabilities took place on 13. and 14. July 2018 in the river Ems near Dorpen instead of.

A report by Olaf Lindner, Public Relations DAFV.

"The maggots are from Edeka". "Like from Edeka?", I ask incredulously. What elsewhere would probably describe a solid food scandal seems quite normal here. In the middle of the local Edeka store is a department for fishing supplies. In the entrance door at the bakery a notice immediately catches my eye: "Preparatory courses for the fishing exam".



Hermann Westhus We are guests of the Landesfischereiverband Weser-Ems in Dorpen, deep in the Emsland region. From the angler's point of view, the people here certainly have their hearts in the right place. Fishing permits are available here around the clock, a 24×7 service that only anglers with a heart in the country can provide. During the day at Edeka and after closing time until late at night at "Westhus", the cozy inn in the village. The host Hermann Westhus is chairman of the local fishing club. A solid guy: Nordic, dry, with a subtle sense of humor and never at a loss for a quip. I have to think twice about some of his answers, whether they were meant ironically or seriously. But after a few sentences it is clear, this is an angler through and through and a guy you just have to like, at least that's how it was for me. The Westhus is our hostel for the next two days. One could hardly wish for better conditions for the event.

Participants from different regions

With 20 participants from 6 associations, the DAFV community fishing for people with disabilities experiences a broad participation. On Friday, the fishing route was already successfully tested by some participants and our vice president.
By Friday evening, all participants from the various parts of the state will have arrived at Westhus and will gather for a joint barbecue in glorious summer weather at 6:30 p.m. As organizer Jurgen Rosenthal, adviser for "fishing for humans with handicap" had invited to the meeting.



Optimal conditions

After the breakfast on Saturday Rosenthal informs together with the presidency colleagues Karl-Heinz Poll and Bernd Landwehr of the LV Weser-Ems the participants about the expiration of the community fishing. After that the places are drawn by lots and the participants make their way to the nearby Ems river. The fishing place offers optimal conditions especially for people with disabilities. The participants can drive directly by car to the shore path, which is closed for the event, and move into their fishing places. The weather is warm, slightly cloudy and not too hot. The Ems flows calmly from stone fills limited by extended meadows. The banks are lined with isolated trees. Every now and then a cargo ship or a recreational boat passes by. The places are sounded out and the mounts are prepared accordingly. At 10 o'clock the starting signal sounds and the first maggots and worms dive down. The choice of the technique is a feeding basket or a float with a head rod.

I am now over 80 years old .


Community fishing for people with disabilities


I work my way from fishing spot to fishing spot on the shore. Asked if I could take a few pictures and got into the conversation. "I'm over 80 years old now and I just can't make the big trips like I used to. But as long as I can, I'll be at every community fishing event. I like the community fishing. This is always great organized and I meet old friends and also make new acquaintances every time.". I learn where the anglers come from, where they usually fish, what they have experienced and maybe also why it is not possible today as it was in the past. Despite wheelchair, mental impairment, illness or simply the age, it becomes clear to me: Fishing gives them strength and offers Allen a good piece of quality of life.

Werner sits in a wheelchair, he tells me about his experience in Denmark: "During my vacation I looked up fishing opportunities on the coast in Denmark. The next day, the local anglers had built a place for me with a wheel loader on the coast, including a floating dock. I could go there with the wheelchair on the coast on the water. In Germany fishing is often difficult.".


Community fishing for people with disabilities




Rosenthal also sees it this way as a speaker for "Fishing for people with disabilities":
"We still have a lot of room for improvement in Germany. The offers for people with disabilities when fishing are not really good in breadth. That's why we offer our community fishing at least once a year for the time being. Even if we had this time in spite of the final plays with the soccer WM 6 federations locally, I wish myself that in the future still many federations and thus further new participants come in addition. All those who were there want to come again next year! I think the pictures and the reports of the participants speak for themselves. For the next year we will make every effort with the active support of the offices of our regional associations to inform our base even more broadly and invite all interested parties to join us."Rosenthal continues: "For this purpose, we as DAFV are lobbying politicians for suitable projects that will make it possible for people with disabilities to go fishing as widely as possible in Germany. Such events also help, so we can show in practice that there is a need and what added value (joy, enthusiasm and exchange with like-minded people) opens up for those concerned".


Community fishing for people with disabilities


Catches are taken care of on the spot

In the late morning, electric bikes will provide participants with hot bratwurst and cold drinks at the fishing spot. Even the catches are not long in coming. Bream, roach, perch, alande and, of course, gobies are going on the hook. The fish are regularly picked up and expertly cared for and cooled by Bernd Landwehr of the state fishing association. As the new president of the Landes-fischereiverband Weser-Ems, Heinz Grassner also takes the opportunity to get a first-hand impression of the situation.
The heaviest fish at the end was a bream with 1430 grams.


Community fishing for people with disabilities


Supporting program in the village of Leer

After the fishing there is the offer to visit the nearby harbor town Leer under the guidance of Mrs. Poll. From 19 o'clock all come together again for the final evening in the Westhus. As a former president, Bernhard Pieper and his wife have also joined us. He also addresses a few words to the participants. The buffet offers pike perch, snirtje bratten (a Frisian specialty) and other regional specialties. Fishing day and other fishing stories and topics will be shared. The event lived up to its name of community fishing. We are already looking forward to the DAFV Landerfischen on 27. and 28. July, which will take place at the same place. Some of the participants want to join us again in two weeks time.


Community fishing for people with disabilities


It was nice .

We would like to thank the Landesverband Weser-Ems and ASV Dorpen for the excellent organization and hospitality and look forward to welcoming all of you and hopefully many new interested people next year.

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