relegation duel between wolfsburg and hamburg

Vfl wolfsburg seems to be well on the way to beating hamburger SV as the laughing stock of the fubball bundesliga.

Before saturday's direct duel between the two clubs that are acutely threatened with relegation but have never been relegated from the fubball bundesliga, calm has returned to the HSV despite the precarious sporting situation. At the same time, the chaos at vfl is becoming more and more grotesque before the game, which is so important for both teams.

Verdi wants to reach collective agreement for geriatric care

In view of the nursing shortage in germany, the trade union verdi wants to reach a collective agreement for geriatric care. "In order to stop the ruinous competition in nursing care for the elderly, with its often shamefully low wages, we need a collective agreement that covers all nursing care for the elderly."

This was said by verdi board member sylvia buhler to the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin. Today, at its inaugural meeting, a collective bargaining commission for geriatric care from verdi will decide on the demands for such a contract.

Appeal for peace on the day of mourning

It is not a historical day of remembrance, the day of national mourning, it was first celebrated in 1922 for the fallen soldiers of the world war and was converted by the nazis into a day of remembrance for heroes. "Today is a day of mourning for all victims of war and violence," said county administrator paul streng on sunday afternoon at the county war memorial on the high above marktbreit.

Consequences of the policy of violence

Representatives of the county and municipalities traditionally meet there at the chapel on national mourning day for the county's central memorial service. This year, it was paul streng who gave the keynote speech, stating that "flight and expulsion have been the consequences of the omnipresent politics of violence since the first world war and right up to the present day."

Michael moritz as a man for the youth

There has been a change in the leadership of the fubball referee group kitzingen/ochsenfurt. After martin estenfelder moved his residence, michael moritz is the new deputy of chairman helmut wittiger. Connected with the post is the task to assign referees for the junior games in the area kitzingen/ochsenfurt.

"With michael moritz, chairman helmut wittiger was able to present a very young person in office, who has also created a good acceptance in the group as a whole," it says in a press release of the group. The 30 years old moritz is only since the year 2008 active referee and belonged to the group wurzburg until his change of residence to buchbrunn. Active as a fubballer at TSV grombuhl and at post SV wurzburg up to the U15 level. Then he had a sports accident that forced him to quit. For eleven years, school and work had priority in the life of the new deputy chairman. In the meantime, he is a qualified referee in the district league. Michael moritz is still in charge of the u13s of the wurzburger FV in the upper district league.

May makes everything new – also at konigsbad. Punctual opening of the summer season on wednesday, 1. May, appears hot off the press the first issue of the wellness magazine "konigsblatt. It is available free of charge to visitors, who can also expect a number of other novelties in the open-air swimming pool park.
"The konigsbad in forchheim is to be presented to a wide audience as a wellness and health oasis worth reading and seeing beyond the borders of the city. The konigsblatt is intended to whet people's appetites for a "world of well-being" in our country, declares bader chief walter mirschberger.
In the twelve-page glossy magazine, readers get to know the blumlein family, who are already looking forward to splashing around in the pool again with the kids – and will discover that there is a new refreshment oasis this year: with a beer garden near the pool! In addition, one learns why saunas are also healthy in the summer and reads worth knowing about the humid fitness at the aqua-sport in the konigsbad. Of course, information about the summer events is also provided. Last but not least, the good spirits at the edge of the pool are introduced, who explain why they like doing their job where others have their free time.
The konigsblatt will be published for the summer and winter seasons and will be distributed not only to visitors but also to employees of local businesses and tourist information offices in the region.

With a glass of champagne kitzingen's mayor siegfried muller celebrated her 95th birthday with adele placht. Birthday on monday morning. The rustic pensioner likes to keep fit by guessing crosswords in her head and doing puzzles. In addition, cards are often played with the family, with the romme games involving hard cash. "When I win, my kids always tease me a little bit", tells placht with a smile on his face. "But when I lose, my son always says, "the money stays in the family."

Adele placht was born in 1925 in kudenitz in what was then sudetenland and married the teacher gustav placht in 1944. He died in 1987 at the age of 85. In 1945, she was expelled from her home and landed two years later in wiesentheid, where she lived until the mid-1960s. After that, she moved with her family to the then newly built apartment blocks in the kitzinger development. Since the death of her husband she now lives in the city center.

Especially when the weather is nice, many of us enjoy our time on the bike. But what if you're still on your bike after a barbecue or a visit to the beer garden? Is it allowed to ride a bicycle drunk at all? The answer is: it depends. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the blood alcohol limit for bicycles and when it is assumed that you are unfit to drive.

What is the blood alcohol limit for bicycles??

The alcohol limit for bicycles and e-bikes in Germany is 1.6 per mille. This means that up to this alcohol limit you can still ride a bicycle without penalty. If you have a blood alcohol level of 1.6 or more, you are considered absolutely unfit to drive and are committing a criminal offense. This alcohol limit for bicycles is higher than for car drivers, where it is 0.5 per mille.

A changing world of work: "companies and applicants at eye level

The term "shortage of skilled workers" hovers like a sword of damocles about local companies. For many positions, it is almost impossible to find interested parties. Professor tim weitzel, an information systems specialist at the university of bamberg, explains what this means for applicants and what they still need to bear in mind: mr. Weitzel, the shortage of skilled workers seems to be omnipresent – what's the problem?? Tim weitzel: there are too few candidates, and those who are there are not always sufficiently qualified. Today, we have less than half as many apprentices as we did in 1950. At the same time, the jobs have become more demanding and more complex than before. They make significantly more savings as a result. But it is becoming more difficult to find people who fit into them.

Why is that?? On the one hand, applicants are becoming clearer that they have a value. There is a tilted balance of power. In the meantime, companies are looking for employees more urgently than the other way around. This is not true for all areas and tasks. But for scarce profiles like business information scientist it is especially true. Particularly in small and medium-sized businesses, more than half of the positions are no longer available or are difficult to fill.

What is aging eye care? Conditions, treatment options and more!

Learn more about aging eye care

Maxim kantor is one of the most important russian artists. His paintings hang in the rough museums of australia, europe and the united states – now he is coming to bamberg with his works

2016 the city has conquered the heart of the universal artist during the hegel week at the university of bamberg, says the university's press release. From this connection his wish to show his art in bamberg had already arisen at that time. Together with prof. Christian illies, holder of the chair of philosophy II and organizer of the hegelwoche, and fabian franke, director of the university library, are now realizing this project with an exhibition. It will be held tomorrow friday at 7 pm in the partial library 1, at the university 2, under the title "garden of knowledge" opened in the presence of the artist.