Since joining the EU, Poland has welcomed more and more foreigners. As an expatriate in this country, you can experience many adventures. The adventure can range from great cuisine, attractive sights, great culture and the opportunity to meet the ever beautiful Polish girls. Did I mention the high mountains that invite hiking, and the picturesque coastline? All of these are just a few of the many things that anyone coming to Poland can try. You will feel at home in this country also thanks to the relatively low cost of living.

Another peculiarity of Poland is that, unlike Scandinavian countries that are moving towards cashless systems, the country is still proud of cash. There are undoubtedly many stores in the city center that accept cash payments. Still, we can't just ignore the fact that the country is going digital and people are becoming more and more confident in cashless transactions. This is where talking about credit cards in Poland becomes a necessity, because they allow borrowers to spend their money without anyone knowing it is even a loan.

Schools are privatized

Shortly after the federal elections, the disasters of the privatization of the A 1 and A 8 autobahns via public-private partnerships (PPP) became known. In both cases, the private operating companies threaten the state "partner" with three-digit million lawsuits. Instead of making this publicly known, such "partnerships" were established at the 1. and 2. June 2017 also hoisted into the Basic Law, paving the way for further and expensive privatizations.

The 7 best online banking features to simplify your life

Cuts out money management? If so, instead of chewing your teeth from month to month, what if you could alleviate some of that stress effortlessly? Online banking offers many benefits that can simplify the headache of money.

Let's dive right in and see how online banking can make your life easier.