Behind the wheel in flip-flops and swimwear

Can you drive barefoot? And what about flip-flops, high heels or rubber boots?? The legal situation is clear – you are allowed a, and yet the wrong footwear increases the risk of an accident.

In the Corona pandemic, it's parking instead of driving for many people. The spacious office has been exchanged for the compact home office and the car is only used for really important trips. Fewer drivers on the roads also means fewer accidents and fewer miles driven in a year. So is there maybe money back from the car insurance company?

Special case corona | money back from car insurance

Reimbursement in the crisis

Some drivers could benefit from the crisis and get money from their insurance company. Current statistics show that the number of traffic accidents has decreased in the past year. This concerns the time of the first lockdown. After another lockdown in Germany, some companies promise to give their policyholders a share of the cost savings.

Women are perceived and judged differently than men in difficult conversations and negotiations. Communication and negotiation techniques are more relevant than ever for female executives: female managers and doctors in leading positions who can communicate and negotiate their concerns well have a decisive advantage.


  • Traditional role models and role expectations still exist, even if implicitly.
  • Pay attention to perspective: put the big picture in the foreground.
  • Balance momentary emotions against medium and long term goals.
  • Preparation is everything: Train specifically to deal with difficult situations.

We are constantly busy influencing others. We are constantly striving to make others act as we would like them to act. And for a good reason: we can't help but influence other people, just as other people can't help but influence us. This applies to both men and women. This is called communication.

An ideal way to protect against loss of income due to disability is to purchase private disability insurance. The insurance company pays a monthly pension to the insured person in the event of a benefit and thus compensates for loss of income. In some cases, however, the insurance company may not pay out and the insured person may not receive a pension. In this article, you can read about the possible causes of an insurance company's refusal to pay benefits and what options are available.

The main reason for a rejection of the requested benefit is a failure to achieve the required BU – degree. Frequently, fraud is also detected, which also leads to a denial of benefits. Source: Morgen& Tomorrow, 2018.

When banks go bust, protections usually kick in to prevent investors' capital from becoming part of the bankruptcy estate. Swift action by regulators and purposeful communication with customers can prevent a bank run in many cases and allow operations to proceed in an orderly fashion.

While there has been some change for the better in bank capital levels since the financial crisis, a new factor that cannot yet be assessed has been added in recent years. Cryptocurrencies enjoy ever greater acceptance. Banks or brokers integrate the coins and tokens into their strategies. However, the convergence of the two "worlds" ensures that bank failures also affect the crypto markets.

Who pays the costs in the event of motor vehicle damage?

After a traffic accident, a so-called expert usually examines the car and determines the amount of damage as well as other claims. But not always the cost of the survey is covered by insurance.

A motor vehicle appraisal serves as a basis for the motor vehicle insurance company to estimate the amount of damage incurred. It quantifies, among other things, the necessary repair costs and gives the amount of other claims such as depreciation, compensation for use etc. to. An expert opinion will also determine if it is economically worthwhile to repair or if it is a total loss. At the same time, the adjuster keeps detailed records of all damage so that his or her findings can serve as evidence and be used in a potential legal dispute.

In Germany, various social insurance schemes ensure that people are covered in an emergency or in difficult times. An important pillar is the care insurance. But what is meant by long-term care insurance and why is long-term care insurance necessary? Through the regularly paid contribution, this statutory insurance secures the risk if you one day need nursing care. In this situation, long-term care insurance will pay part of the costs incurred for your care and assistance, up to certain maximum limits. We provide an overview of long-term care insurance benefits and answer the most frequently asked questions about long-term care insurance.

Statutory and private long-term care insurance

The statutory nursing care insurance, together with health, accident, pension and unemployment insurance, is one of the so-called social insurances in Germany. These social insurances serve to provide care and protection for serious threats to existence – i.e., for example, prolonged unemployment or long and severe illness. All members of the social community pay into the insurance system and jointly finance the benefits paid out to recipients.

The Berlin of the 1920s had a great influence on Billy Wilder. His films "Menschen am Sonntag", "A Foreign Affair" and "Eins, Zwei, Drei" are closely associated with the city. Two decades ago, the film director died on the 27th day of his death. March 2002 died in Hollywood. In his honor, we look at places in the city where you would have met him.

Billy wilder's footsteps: berlin stations of the film legend

In the cinema, for example: that's when his name first flickered across the screens as a screenwriter: In the 1929 film "Devil's Reporter," which was rediscovered in an archive only a few years ago. "People on Sunday" and "Emil and Detectives" followed. The city was buzzing with creativity. When a different wind blew through the streets with the National Socialists, Wilder had to find a new place to develop his talents. For filmmakers it was Hollywood. But before his first written film scenes were captured on celluloid, he had already put many stories from Berlin's fast-paced city life on paper – newsprint, to be precise – and was already wowing audiences with them.

Insurance requirements for registration of cars in georgia

In the state of Georgia, drivers must purchase liability insurance ("financial responsibility") to legally operate a vehicle.

The minimum liability insurance for vehicle owners under this law is as follows:

Long term care costs: what you should know

Long-term care expenses are a major concern for many retirees, as a large percentage of them are not insured for this risk. But many will need it at some point in their life and it will usually happen at a time when they will not be physically able to work or replace their savings. And an aging baby boomer population has made this issue a critical element of financial planning for clients who can't afford, and frankly can't afford, long-term care insurance.

Christine Benz, director of personal finance at Morningstar Inc., recently compiled a set of statistics that shed light on this issue in a recent article.