Adele placht from kitzingen celebrates95. Birthday

With a glass of champagne kitzingen's mayor siegfried muller celebrated her 95th birthday with adele placht. Birthday on monday morning. The rustic pensioner likes to keep fit by guessing crosswords in her head and doing puzzles. In addition, cards are often played with the family, with the romme games involving hard cash. "When I win, my kids always tease me a little bit", tells placht with a smile on his face. "But when I lose, my son always says, "the money stays in the family."

Adele placht was born in 1925 in kudenitz in what was then sudetenland and married the teacher gustav placht in 1944. He died in 1987 at the age of 85. In 1945, she was expelled from her home and landed two years later in wiesentheid, where she lived until the mid-1960s. After that, she moved with her family to the then newly built apartment blocks in the kitzinger development. Since the death of her husband she now lives in the city center.

Adele placht is a big FC bayern munchen fan and watches every game, much to the displeasure of her children. During her visit, she was able to talk shop with the mayor, muller, about the unsatisfactory result of the soccer match the day before. Otherwise, she likes to cheer along when the german biathletes and ski jumpers fight for victory.

The rough family celebration, which will also be attended by her three daughters and three sons as well as her seven grandchildren and two great-granddaughters, will take place on saturday in the esbach courtyard. "I didn't like gifts", says the 95-year-old, who is in great shape for her proud age. "Everything i get in money i will donate to the children's cancer ward regenbogen in wurzburg. I am fortunate to have six healthy children and would like to help those who unfortunately do not experience this happiness."

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