Accident insurance – just in case

We distinguish between two types of accident insurance. On the one hand, the statutory UV, where you are automatically insured by your employer. The other variant is a private accident protection. If you are interested in covering this risk, you have to find a good insurance company on your own initiative and sign a contract. Why private accident insurance is a sensible and at the same time important component, you can find out on this page. Before I do that, I'll briefly explain when you're entitled to statutory accident insurance.

Statutory accident insurance

The statutory accident insurance is a protection whose contribution is deducted monthly from your gross salary. As an employed person, you are thus covered within the scope of your professional activities. In short, you enjoy insurance coverage exclusively during your working hours as well as on the direct way to your place of work and from there to your home. You are entitled to benefits if an accident occurs in the course of your work.

If you would like to deepen your knowledge in this regard, you will find the basics of the statutory. UV in the 7 Book Social Code.

Private accident insurance – an everyday companion


Accident insurance - just in case


Now we come to the private accident insurance. As the name suggests, it is a voluntary insurance that you can take out with almost any insurance company in Germany. In contrast to the legal protection, the private UV is valid for accidents at work as well as for all mishaps (accidents) in the private sphere. Whether you are playing sports or cleaning the gutters. You enjoy 24 hours a day, worldwide insurance protection. But also in this sector it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Having any insurance coverage is unfortunately no guarantee for a sufficient coverage of all risks.

Private accident insurance – also important for me?

Unfortunately, none of us can protect ourselves from accidents. Therefore, the importance of accident insurance applies to all groups of persons. However, there are certain dangerous hobbies for which, in my opinion, an accident insurance is indispensable.

Watch out when buying insurance

At this point it is not possible to list all the important criteria for choosing a high performance UV tariff. However, you should pay special attention to the following points in the future:

  • Pay attention to the limb tax. It is the basis for the amount of benefit you receive. Calmly also compare and contrast several companies
  • Additional benefits (accident-related benefits for recovery, rehabilitation, emergency assistance, etc.) are also available. vary greatly)
  • Self-motion (benefit also in case of an accident caused by self-motion, not only in case of "sudden external impact on the body")
  • Contributory share (contribution of existing diseases/afflictions to the injury. benefit reductions possible)

As you can see, choosing the right accident insurance is a decision that does not forgive any mistakes in the event of a claim. In my opinion, the online calculator serves as an aid for you. It gives you an overview of the contribution range in which you are approximately. However, the online calculator is not a substitute for an individual consultation.

However, if you have sufficient knowledge, also regarding the risks to be covered, you can take out the insurance cover online at any time.

When does the accident insurance really take effect?

Here, the assumptions of many of the people I spoke to differ significantly from reality. Many people assume that the accident insurance only pays if, for example, you are in a wheelchair after an accident. However, this is not the case. If your physical abilities are permanently limited in any way due to an accident, your accident insurance will take effect.

The higher the degree of disability, the higher the benefit from the accident insurance. I take at this point purposefully distance from juggling with sums. Everyone has individual needs and accordingly it is most meaningful for you if we discuss yours together. I will be happy to show you what benefits you can expect in the event of an insured event using various case examples.

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